OPI You’re Such a Budapest

OPI You're Such a BudapestThere’s always that one polish from any given OPI collection I’m not originally crazy about but end up with it somewhere down the road anyway. That was definitely the case with OPI’s Euro Centrale collection and You’re Such a Budapest. When I spotted the display way back in February at Ulta I gave You’re Such a Budapest a once over and passed on it. Can’t Find my Czechbook and OPI…Eurso Euro were higher on my priority list and I figured I had a dupe for You’re Such a Budapest in my collection already. But as time passed I couldn’t get Budapest out of my head and here we are.

OPI describes You’re Such a Budapest as a periwinkle purple which I think is quite accurate. This polish has alot of blue in it (though not as much blue as say China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le) which moves it away from the pastel territory. OPI does not categorize this polish as a shimmer. And truthfully, I wore this polish for days and never noticed any shimmer in it. Then I was editing these swatches and noticed there is some very (very) subtle shimmer in this polish (you can really see it in this bottle shot) though I don’t think it makes a bit of difference.

I was sure once I started digging through my stash I would find a dupe for this polish but I didn’t! The closest thing I have is wet n wild MegaLast On a Trip…but really they aren’t very close at all. There is a picture below the jump comparing the two in the bottle. They were so different there was no reason to compare on my nails!

When I was wearing You’re Such a Budapest I added an accent nail using Revlon Celestial FX. There are swatches of that below the jump as well as additional swatches of You’re Such a Budapest.



OPI You're Such a Budapest 3 OPI You're Such a Budapest 2 OPI You're Such a Budapest MACRO OPI You're Such a Budapest MACRO 2 OPI You're Such a Budapest and Revlon Celestial FX Revlon Celestial FX and OPI You're Such a Budapest OPI You're Such a Budapest wet n wild On a Trip


11 responses to “OPI You’re Such a Budapest

  1. I keep thinking I have a dupe for this from ChG Electro Pop or the one from the same time of yr only a yr before or after Electro pop – something I think about Up and Away – and then I know I have a close dupe in Essies Play Date

  2. Like you, I was sure I already had a dupe for this and went through my stash. I found a lot of similar colors but the only one was really was close enough to maybe be a dupe is Sinful Colors Candy Coated from the Sugar Rush collection. Of course it came out after I already had purchased Your Such a Budapest. I have Essie Play Date as mentioned by the last poster but it is quite a bit more raspberry and red toned whereas Budapest is more blue and violet-y. I love this color it is so fresh and clean looking and perfect for spring/summer.

    • Isn’t it amazing how many different shades of one color there can be? I was shocked when I could find at least a close dupe in my collection!

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Generally speaking I don’t like purples or lavenders. (I suspect this is a subconscious bias being a Packers fan living in Viking country.) I just couldn’t get this color out of my head! I got in in regular np but ended up loving it so much I recently ordered it in GelColor. At $20 a bottle GelColor is a real commitment to me.

    BTW Alli- I realize you had a not-so-impressive experience with the Sally Hansen Gel Strips, but the Sally Hansen Gel Polish Kit is a totally different experience. If you have a chance to try it please give it a whirl, you just might fall in love. A shade like “Shell We Dance” is pale enough that you can easily use reg np over it. PLUS (yes, I’m gushing a bit) I *swear* it is the exact same system as the Sephora by OPI gel shine kit. Coty owns both companies. And I’ve been using “salon grade” OPI GelColor purchase online with the SH light without any problems since December. The GelColor comes in the traditional 0.5 oz bottles for ~ $20 while the Sephora itty-bitties are $17.0 and the Sally Hansen gelcolors are about $13 for 0.17 oz.

    Thank you Daily Varnish for being the first nail polish blog I’ve ever read and followed. In a sort of odd (not stalker-ish) way you’ ve become part of my day just like brushing my teeth. Love you guys!!


    • I really want to try using my mini LED lamp with one of Sally Hansen’s gel polishes I just haven’t gotten around to it yet! Glad to hear the polishes are better than the gel strips.

      Thank you for reading our little blog! It means alot 🙂

  4. This color is amazing! Not really pastel but not blue…..lovin it!

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