JulieG Liquid Metal (+ a comparison to Orly Rage)

JulieG Liquid MetalI’ve yet to be disappointed by a JulieG polish and I’m happy to report that Liquid Metal will not be the first! This polish was part of the 2013 additions to the JulieG line. When I saw the display at Rite Aid I was immediately drawn to Liquid Metal because it reminded me of one of my all time favorite polishes; Orly Rage.

Liquid Metal is a super sparkly rose gold with a metallic finish. The color of this polish reminds me an awful lot of Essie Penny Talk though the finishes differ quite a bit.

The formula, like all JulieG polishes, was great. This does have a metallic finish so 3 coats were necessary. I found this formula easy to work with. Plus, I wasn’t fighting with the polish to prevent brush strokes like with many metallic polishes.

Comparing Liquid Metal to Orly Rage in the bottle they look to be dead on dupes. As it turns out the colors are quite similar though the finishes vary slightly. Orly Rage has a more frosted finish than Liquid Metal.

Below the jump there are swatches comparing Liquid Metal and Rage along with additional swatches of Liquid Metal.


JulieG Liquid Metal 3 JulieG Liquid Metal 2 JulieG Liquid Metal MACRO JulieG Liquid Metal MACRO 2 JulieG Liquid Metal vs Orly Rage bottles JulieG Liquid Metal vs Orly Rage JulieG Liquid Metal vs Orly Rage 2


5 responses to “JulieG Liquid Metal (+ a comparison to Orly Rage)

  1. I adore Rage and have since it came out – but looking here at both I like the finish on Julie G a lot – it’s not as frosty.

  2. Um this looks delicious. Can’t wait to try some Julie G polishes!

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