We’ve moved! Time to update your email subscription.

Hey everyone!

This week Katie and I have been working on moving The Daily Varnish from a wordpress.com hosted site to a self hosted site at wordpress.org. This move is going to allow us to have more freedom with formatting and context among other things.

All old links still work…they are just redirected to the new site. If you subscribe via RSS you don’t need to do anything….that automatically switched over.

The only thing that we can not seamlessly move are the email subscriptions (there was a hiccup with email subscriptions this morning…sorry!). To continue to receive emails when we publish new posts you just need to go to the new site, thedailyvarnish.com, and re-sign up for emails.

Signing up is easy….just look on the right side of the website below the social media widgets and put in your email address. Unfortunately this can not be done on the mobile site unless you pick the “view full site” option at the bottom of the page. Once you view the site in full the subscribe option will be below the recent posts.

We worked really hard to make this transition as painless as possible for our readers. Hopefully this will be the only negative thing that comes from our move!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day,


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