Essie Berry Hard

It’s finally starting to feel a bit like fall in Charlotte. On Monday I even got to wear my favorite pair of riding boots! So to say the least I’ve definitely been getting more into fall polish colors and my favorite fall trend is oxblood (or Chianti or burgundy…). There’s just something so chic about a deep red mani!

Berry Hard has been part of my collection for years but it’s not a polish I reach for often. I got it as part of a set along with Fishnet Stockings at Ross what seems like an eternity ago. It is a gorgeous deep red creme with distinct brown undertones. This is a very on trend color for fall. I even included it in my Must Have Polishes for Fall 2012 post (plus Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Veep wore this shade to the 2012 Emmy’s!).

The formula is a bit on the thin side because it has a jelly feel to it. I believe some in the nail polish world would call this a crelly (a creme jelly…how cute). Because of this I did need three coats to get an opacity I was happy with.

Berry Hard was originally released as part of Essie’s Fall 2004 Luscious collection but is still one of the easier Essie polishes to find (it’s super cheap on Amazon!).

There are more swatches below the jump!

8 responses to “Essie Berry Hard

  1. When I went to go snag styleonomics earlier this fall I almost picked up Skirting The Issue from the new fall line, but instead got Berry Naughty. It looked a tiny bit lighter and more red. Essie polishes always look darker on the nail. Anyways, I honestly can’t tell the difference between Berry Hard and Berry Naughty, and would love to see a comparison of all three!

  2. How is the wear time for you? For some reason, Essie always chips on me in 2 days, even with a top coat. They have some really gorgeous colors but I just can’t bring myself to buy this brand any more 😦

  3. Skirting the issue is more of a sheer- I love it at one coat or layered over metallic for a candy paint effect. You have to build up the coverage on Skirting the issue. Love this Berry Hard color- I keep seeing it on the nail boards I think it is a sign that I have to get it. Berry Naughty sounds nice, I haven’t heard of it. I wish these older colors would show up at my Ross or TJ maxx. I’d scoop them up in a red hot second

    • It seems the only Essie’s that are showing up at TJ Maxx recently are recent collections that are being discontinued. I haven’t seen Essie in a Ross in AGES!

  4. I like this shade too – I picked it up from a fab beauty supply that I always hit up when I go for my follow ups at a large cancer hospital in a huge metro area. They have every Essie in the pro and retail line and many that are no longer made anymore as well. Unlike you, cannot get going with these shades yet – it’s been furnace hot here past 4 days – hottest part of the entire yr. I wanted to run through the sprinkler yesterday but went down and braved the hot sand crossing to get into the ocean. By end of this mo and Nov I can rock these shades. I have a couple older OPI ones in this range that I love how they apply and am eager to get them out – One that is a bit less brown than this I think you would like (and think it’s still part of the reg. OPI line up is Kennebunkport. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear that one.

    • That beauty supply store sounds like HEAVEN!!

      It’s funny you bring up Kennebunkport as that is my mom’s go to fall nail polish color 🙂

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