Zoya – Indigo

Oh so pretty. I ordered Indigo when Zoya had there big get 3 free promotion – I also got Crystal and Felicity.

Since there’s a lot of hype about Zoya’s BOGO deal with the Summer collections, I thought I’d post this beautiful gem.

Indigo is a gorgeous navy blue that is packed with multicolored microglitter – and I mean packed. It’s amazing.

It definitely has a split personality. Indoors with low lights it looks very much like Orly – Star of Bombay. Throw some light on it – it starts to glow like OPI – Russian Navy. In the sun, it becomes it’s own and the multicolored microglitter comes to life. Very win. I do regret that between the late sun and my aging camera I couldn’t pick up more of the microglitter on my nails – but you sure can see it in the bottle! I only needed two coats to achieve perfection. I see this as a must have for any dark blue lover ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Thursday!


3 responses to “Zoya – Indigo

  1. nuttysquirrel72

    Wow! That color is really gorgeous! I love your blog because your skin tone is so similar to mine. You really help me to see how colors would look on me. Thanks!

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