OPI Meet Me at the Bonfire

If you caught my post over on The Daily Varnish Extra then you know all about my trip to Ulta yesterday. I went to get Benefit Erase Paste but while I was there I saw a new OPI display full of Summer 2012 Ulta Exclusive polishes. The polishes all had super cute names but as I was looking at the display I realized they all looked very, very familiar. Turns out, they are all dupes of polishes from recent OPI collections. Most of the polishes are from the Pirates of the Caribbean and Katy Perry collections but there are also polishes from the Texas collection. The labeling of these polishes is also a bit odd. The label on the bottom of OPI polishes usually has the bar code but (as you can see in this display picture) the bar codes are on the tops of these bottles and the bottom labels are a bit different from OPI’s normal labels.

I decided to pick up Meet Me at the Bonfire even though it looked as if it may be a dupe for one of my all time favorite polishes, OPI Big Hair…Big Nails. Turns out, I was right. It is Big Hair…Big Nails repackaged (there are comparison shots below the jump). That was ok with me, though, as OPI did not add Big Hair…Big Nails to their permanent line and now I have a back up bottle!

Meet Me at the Bonfire is a gorgeous red leaning coral jelly, or as OPI would call it, sorbet. Because it is a jelly, 3 coats are required, but it dries to the most beautiful shine. Completely worth the 3 coats!

I have mixed feelings about OPI recycling colors like this. It’s nice because if you missed one of the duped colors you now have access to them again. But it’s crappy to rename the polishes. If you didn’t know they were all dupes going into Ulta you may end up with unwanted dupes when you get home.

This isn’t the first time I’ve happen with OPI. The Summer 2010 Beauty Brands exclusive Orchid Me Not was Kinky in Helsinki repackaged. And we all remember this past holiday season when the Ulta Holiday Exclusive A Sparkle Yule Love was a dupe of OPI Excuse Moi which were being sold at the same time! Moral of the story…be careful with OPI polishes exclusives to a particular store. They are more than likely something OPI has already released!

There are quite a few more swatches below the jump, including a comparison between Big Hair…Big Nails, Meet Me at the Bonfire and Red Lights Ahead…Where?. And don’t forget before your next trip to Ulta to check out my dupe list of their Summer 2012 exclusives. That way you won’t end up with a duplicate or if one of the dupes is a polish you missed you’ll know which polish to pick up. Also, all the Ulta Summer Exclusives are 2 for $12. $6 for an  OPI polish is pretty good 🙂



8 responses to “OPI Meet Me at the Bonfire

  1. Thanks for the heads up here. I don’t have an Ulta as I said yesterday for a good 500 miles from where I live. But I will see some of them on line and ‘think’ I need one or two of them. I warmed up to Big Hair, Big Nails right off because of both the color and the sorbet finish. I like mixing it in layers with the other sorbets in the TX collection, except not for Houston We Have a Purple – the others do blend nicely. Curious if the color is just the same here or if it’s both color and the sorbet finish? OPI is reaching to cash in on the corals that are so hot this year and ran out of ideas and time to formulate anything new for their Ulta line it would seem. I have seen also the Nicole’s by OPI for 2012 hit on a ton of shades that are like OPI shades already released, esp a few from the Miss Universe collection of 2011.

  2. Thanks for this post! It’s good to know they are dupes. I will use this chance to pick up some of the POTC polishes I missed! At $6 each that’s a good deal.

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  5. OPI’s “sorbet-like” finish is for all intents and purposes a jelly. It’s just their name for it, the same way they call their crackle polish “shatter.” Of course they claim this type of finish is “new” but we know better. Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the jelly concept, think of them as lip gloss for the nails. They are semi-sheer polishes with a squishy texture that dries super glossy. They have a lucite appearance or as I like to think of it, it’s as though you coated your nails in Jello. The color is rich and vibrant but translucent.

    • OPI is always trying to be clever! I did love when the Texas collection came out they kept calling their sorbet finish revolutionary. Oh…ok.

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