OPI La Paz-itively Hot

This polish came in the Heat Waves duo along with OPI Hot & Spicy. When I got the duo this was the polish I was least excited about. I looked at it and thought it was just another bright pink polish. BORING! Well, I was definitely wrong.

La Paz-itively Hot is a bright pink with very subtle purple shimmer. The purple shimmer is what makes this polish so interesting. It adds alot of dimension to what might otherwise be just another boring pink creme.

Application of La Paz-itively Hot was just ok. The formula is a bit on the thin side, though it is not runny. Three coats are definitely required for a smooth, opaque color.

After I had this on a few days I realized it reminded of another polish in my collection; Maybelline Fun in Fuchsia. The Maybelline has a better formula, but is slightly deeper than La Paz-itively Hot. They are obviously not dupes, but are very similar. Sadly, Fun in Fuchsia was a limited edition release.

There is a comparison photo below the jump (plus a bunch of other swatches!).




2 responses to “OPI La Paz-itively Hot

  1. I am wearing this polish right now!
    Love it, such a pretty colour.

  2. same as essie tour de finance. I’d say exact dupe.

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