OPI Hoodoo Voodoo?!

So, true story. I was watching The Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson on Netflix not that long ago and it reminded me of this nail polish. It had been ages since I’d worn it but I remembered it being a great polish. To appease my curiosity I used Hoodoo Voodoo for my next manicure!

Hoodoo Voodoo?! was originally released as part of OPI’s 1995 Fall collection and has since been discontinued. Obviously I didn’t purchase this in 1995. I picked it up at Ulta quite awhile ago when I spotted a special Hoodoo Voodoo?! display. OPI occasionally rereleases retired polishes but as far as I can tell it is entirely random and unpredictable as to when that happens. Luckily, Hoodoo Voodoo?! is pretty easy to find on Amazon.

Now that all that is out of the way, onto the polish! Hoodoo Voodoo?! is a lovely raspberry creme that applies beautifully in just 2 coats. What I love about this polish is it’s a color that is truly appropriate year around. And I don’t know about you but I could definitely use more of those kind of polishes in my collection!

Since this polish is a bit harder to find if you have any dupe suggestions please leave it in a comment!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump.

5 responses to “OPI Hoodoo Voodoo?!

  1. Great shade for ‘my’ hot fall time…it’s in the triple digits today – ugh! I had to check my database to see if I have this shade – I do – need to find it and pull it to wear now. Love, love when you help me shop my own collection. I need to thin it down so I can not just find things but SEE them without spending hours pulling out bottles to look. I tend to reach for my favs over and over again.

    • I do the same thing! I’ll get stuck in a nail polish rut and wear the same polishes all the time.

      I love rediscovering polishes. It’s the thrill of getting something new without having to spend the money!

  2. Have you bought polishes from Amazon? It does seem like the best place to find OPI (I don’t live near Ulta or Sally, boo), but I wonder if the polishes I see on Amazon from random sellers are new or used, and what the quality will be. Anyone have suggestions about buying OPI from Amazon or somewhere else online? I really want a few from the Germany collection…

    • I’ve bought quite a few polishes online though surprisingly no OPIs. All the polishes I’ve bought from Amazon were from Essie. Not on purpose that’s just what I was lemming at the time!

      I’ve had nothing but good luck with Amazon.

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