China Glaze – Awakening

  No! Not the China Glaze Halloween 2010 Collection! Awakening is something I picked up at least a year ago on a little Sally’s Haul. It was originally part of the 2005 Urban Chic collection, but is still part of their core display (lucky you!).

I think I went to try this a few times and ended up putting it away in favor of something newer or more edgy, but I’m so glad I finally used it.

It’s a really pretty dark pink rose – and in the sun you can see it sparkle and some hints of duochrome with flashes of gold/copper. Super gorgeous. Based on that description I’d probably try and put this into the Fall category- but I’ve been wearing it for a few days poolside and I absolutely love it – it looks great – I love seasonless colors!

The application was great – I’d read on MUA that it was on the sheer side – ehh, I used two coats and had no problems on that end. It’s wearing really well for me as I’m on day 3 and that rarely happens.

All in all I give it an A+! It’s a very me color in a lot of ways – pink, sparkly, duo and it’s certainly going to be one of my go-to pinks from now on.

Happy Thursday!


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