Perfect Pair: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques & Maybelline Downtown Brown

It was pretty obvious in my post on Maybelline Dowtown Brown that I loved the color but hated the formula. Used on its own you need at least 4 coats of Downtown Brown to get an opaque color. So I decided to give it a try as a top coat.

I used one coat of Downtown Brown over OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! and it worked like a charm! Downtown Brown is thin enough to be a top coat yet doesn’t look streaky like some thinner polishes can. Plus, using it over YDKJ takes alot of the red out of Downtown Brown making it a bit more wearable for people with cool skintones like myself.

There are more swatches below the jump!



6 responses to “Perfect Pair: OPI You Don’t Know Jacques & Maybelline Downtown Brown

  1. Oh no! I could not find Downtown Brown anywhere for the past 2.5 months since it surfaced. I was OK when I heard how horrible the formula was – which did not surprise me since most Maybeline polish is really icky IMO. Now you show this great shade still looking unchanged by using the classic YDNJ under it for formula correction…darn it – now I want it as much as ever. Wonder what it would look like using the new OPI Berlin There Done That under it? It’s a lighter base than YDKJ is…I am liking that shade a lot vs. the deeper ones that I am not rocking yet – it’s in the 90’s here again today – ugh! Come on winter –

    • Keep your eyes open…sometimes those displays show up so late. That’s my biggest bone to pick with drugstore brands. They don’t have release dates like, say, OPI. Makes it hard if you’re really looking for a collection!

  2. That is a brilliant idea! I don’t own YDKJ because with my skin tone it just looks horrible, but I would definitely try this idea to pump up Downtown Brown.

  3. I also used YDKJ! Great minds think alike ; )

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