Essie Stylenomics (+ a dupe)

For Fall 2012 Essie released their Stylenomics collection. I spotted the display at Ulta quite awhile ago but nothing really jumped out at me. But, to be fair, it was still a hundred degrees outside at the time and nothing fall related was really jumping out at me! Finally the weather has cooled down (a bit) so I’ve gotten into fall colors recently.

According to Essie Stylenomics is a “wealthy, rich and opulent green.” Wealthy and opulent are not adjectives I’d use to describe Stylenomics, but ok! I would describe it as a very dark, almost black green creme that is rich (in color).

This polish is very dark. I met my friend Tyler for a drink when I was wearing this polish and even after examination at various angles and using our cell phones to try to illuminate the polish she declared it to be black. And really, she’s right. Unless you are in very, very bright light this polish looks black.

Formula wise this polish is great. I used just two coats in my swatches.

As I was applying this it immediately reminded me of several polishes in my collection. NYC Flat Iron Green is a dupe (and much less expensive!) though Essie does have a better formula. Milani One of a Kind is similar though has significantly more brown. Orly Enchanted Forest is also similar though actually light enough to look like a dark green and not black. Below the jump there are comparisons of all of these polishes.

Overall, I don’t love this polish simply because it does look black the vast majority of the time plus there are inexpensive dupes to be had! Make sure to check below the jump for more swatches.

The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


7 responses to “Essie Stylenomics (+ a dupe)

  1. I agree. It’s black! I looked at this collection and left ’em all there at the store. Ditto on the fact they came out when it was getting into our hottest time of the yr…but none of the shades really did anything to rattle my cage in the least.

  2. I normally love the collections that Essie comes out with, but this one was a bit lacking. I was much more impressed with their Yogaga collection. Boxer Shorts is just such an adorable color!

    • The Yogaga collection was definitely better than Stylenomics. Truthfully, I wish they’d release less collections and just do a better job with the ones they do release.

  3. I actually really like this polish… I agree with you guys that it is essentially black, but even though you can’t see the green the color is much more flattering and less harsh than say, Licorish. I love dark/black polishes so this is a big win for me.

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