OPI Italian Love Affair

It just seemed right to continue on the European OPI theme after my post on Berlin There Done That yesterday. This polish, of course, it’s not anything new. Italian Love Affair was originally released as part of the Spring 2001 Italian collection. I didn’t pick this polish up then. I got it sometime after that though it was awhile ago as the price tag on the back of the bottle says $7.50. Yes, really, the standard price for OPI polishes used to be $7.50. Anyway, moral of the story, this is still part of OPI’s permanent line so it is not hard to find.

Italian Love Affair is a very light cotton candy pink with iridescent shimmer. There is a significant amount of white in this polish making it rather bright for being such a light color. The shimmer is definitely noticeable but I would not call it frosty.

The formula of this polish isn’t the best. It’s a bit thin and can be streaky if you do not apply it carefully.

Generally, this is a polish I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. The color is very not me. But (there is always a but…) I purchased this polish not long after returning home from studying abroad in Italy. And I still contend you cannot go to Italy and not have some kind of love affair! Whether it be with the scenery, or the food, or the history, or the shopping, or an Italian man….

Anyway, I’m glad that this is part of my collection though it’s not one I would tell anyone to run out and buy.

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump. The shimmer really is quite lovely 🙂


13 responses to “OPI Italian Love Affair

  1. That colour is gorgeous!!

    Danielle x

  2. I remember when OPI was $6.00 a bottle :`(

  3. Here in the UK we pay £11 a bottle…. I mean I get the price difference, but that is *quite* a difference…

  4. I have this one back from days of it’s original release – so mine is an old Black label formula (which I love)…This one I recall buying as it was at the time just my start of branching out from the years of wearing only reds or sheers done in French/Am. Manis. Not much of a branch to move to these pinks like this one is – but on the nail this and Argentinee Pikiniee were two of my fav pinks.

  5. Trying to recall what a bottle of OPI cost in 2001…I am thinking I got them for $4.50 or maybe $5 max. I still only pay $8 and not $8.50 or $8.75 as they are most places. We have 1 place only within 200 miles that carries OPI now other than the rare discontinued one you find at a CVS and $8 is just their price – they have not raised it which is great!

  6. I recently found this at a nail supply store at a discounted price and omg…it was the most difficult polish I’ve ever used from OPI. Your mani looks really good, especially considering how streaky it is!

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