MAC Dry Martini

MAC Dry MartiniMAC and I don’t generally get along. I’m  not a fan of most of their products, I find them to be average at best, which means they are overpriced. So to say the least I’ve never jumped all over MAC nail polishes. Katie (and the rest of the Western world) loved Blue India, but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $13 for a MAC nail polish.

But as fate would have it, I decided to check out the outlet mall that’s (somewhat) near me over the Labor Day weekend. Of course I had to check out the Cosmetics Company Outlet (CCO). They had the entire Fall/Winter 2009 MAC nail polish line. For the most part I was not impressed, but Dry Martini caught my eye. First of all, it’s like nothing I own. Secondly, I’m kind of fascinated with ugly yet pretty nail polishes.

Dry Martini falls somewhere in between olive green and army green. It’s quite the ugly color, but for some reason I find it very appealing. And as a bonus, it looks good against my skintone.

The formula was just average. I needed three coats. One big negative about this polish (and I guess all MAC polishes) is the bottle. I HATE the top. It’s too wide and not comfortable to hold (even though it is rubberized). Due to this it makes it difficult to control the wand.

In the end, I’m glad I picked this up. Polishes at the CCO are priced at $8.50 a piece (which, IMO, is what they should cost in the store…the quality isn’t there for a $13 nail polish).


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