Orly Haute Red

Orly Haute RedI found this in a clearance bin at CVS for a dollar and it reminded me a great deal of OPI Perfectly Red (which I am completely obsessed with) so I decided to give it a shot.

Haute Red is a bright cherry red creme. It’s a very cool toned red which looks great against my skintone. The application and formula were great; I used 3 coats with Orly’s top2bottom base and top coat.

This is part of Orly’s permanent collection and the mini comes in The Classics Mani Mini Kit. This is a great red to have on hand especially if you are cool toned like me. It is also a good alternative to OPI Perfectly Red which is a BeautyBrands exclusive. Haute Red has slightly less orange in it, but is just as flattering on cool skintones.



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