Essie Butler Please

essie Butler PleaseBetter late than never, right? Butler Please was released as part of essie’s winter 2012 Leading Lady collection. When the promo images were released for the Leading Lady collection I wasn’t overly excited about any particular polish. But when I saw the display at Rite Aid Butler Please caught my eye. An electric cobalt blue? Yes please!

Essie describes Butler Please as an “indulgent bright blue.” I don’t know about indulgent but it certainly is bright! So bright, in fact, Butler Please is technically a neon.

I used three coats in my swatches and it does dry to that weird neon semi matte finish. A shiny top coat is definitely required! I used Rush 60 Second High Speed Top Coat. Unfortunately, because Butler Please is a neon, the wear isn’t great.

Essie always impresses me. A cold weather appropriate neon? How awesome is that! I only have one other neon in my collection I consider year around appropriate (Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple) so Essie has achieved quite a feat with Butler Please.

The color of this polish is so bright that it freaked out my camera a bit. There are more color accurate swatches below the jump. It’s a deeper blue than the pictures from my lightbox indicate.

Katie reviewed Where’s My Chauffeur from this collection. If you missed her review make sure to check it out!



essie Butler Please 3 essie Butler Please 2 essie Butler Please MACRO essie Butler Please MACRO 2 essie Butler Please 4 essie Butler Please 5


15 responses to “Essie Butler Please

  1. I love this polish! But isn’t the formula kinda weird??

    • I didn’t think it was particularly weird. Obviously, it’s a neon so it’s sort of thin and dries matte, but otherwise, seemed pretty normal to me.

  2. I love the color and I love the name – can’t wait to do my March Madness mani. Go Butler!

  3. I was happy to see a # of brights in winter collections this yr. I picked this one up ASAP but whatt a lot of streaks – 2nd coat helped but is not my fav colbalt for the app issues. It’s not quite (for me) the colbalt thaat Nails Inc Baker Street is.

  4. I loveeeee this polish, I don’t always purchase the newer polishes because I get a lot of my colors on clearance but this was one I “had” to have. It looks great on you. Mojito Madness was part of that same collection I believe, its another goodie.

  5. I’ve read varied reviews about the formula. Some people say it’s quite difficult and some have no issues with it. I hope I managed to get one that’s ok!

    • Interesting. I hate it when there are formula inconsistencies with the same polish! It makes it very frustrating.

      • ingerasata

        I’m definitely in the group of people who find this particular polish pretty difficult to work with. That’s pretty annoying because I do like the color. Maybe I’ll have to try that trick everyone’s talking about lately, applying a thin coat of a matte top coat in between the polish coats to help avoid streaking…

      • I find the matte top coat trick works with metallic polishes quite well but I don’t find it makes a huge difference in cremes. I did a post on that if you’re curious 🙂

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