SinfulColors Beau Khaki

SinfulColors Beau KhakiOh SinfulColors.

I was at Walgreens recently when I spotted a new Sinful Colors Haute Rebel display. There were several new polishes in the display but Beau Khaki caught my eye. When I turned the bottle over and read the name I will admit I was rather shocked. SinfulColors has had several scandalous polish names in the past (I’m looking at you Leap Flog….) but I think Beau Khaki takes the cake. We had an entire discussion about the name of this polish over on TDV FB page so I’m going to leave the name subject there and move on to the actual polish!

Beau Khaki is a dusty sage green creme. It reminds me an awful lot of Essie Sew Psyched and Chanel Khaki Vert. It’s a green polish but very neutral and even work friendly.

Application was amazing! This could be a one coater if you’re careful, but I used two coats in my swatches.

I was very surprised at how much I loved this nail polish. I was even very amused that the polish matched the cover of the book I was reading.

Despite the name, this is a fabulous polish and a good neutral to add to any collection!

For more swatches, check below the jump 🙂


SinfulColors Beau Khaki MACRO SinfulColors Beau Khaki 2 SinfulColors Beau Khaki 3


7 responses to “SinfulColors Beau Khaki

  1. This looks in the photos on my montor like it has more yellow in it than Essie Sew Psyched that really oddly is a deep forest green lighted up with white. The Essie is hard for a lot of folks to wear – this one looks better against a wider range of skin tones I think…sort of looks like a camo green to me. I like it. I am surprised by this collection (only have seen shots on line – no one around me carries new collections of Sinful and I never understand why – we have a Walgreens and thought they all got the same stuff – but we only get a little bit of random shades in – never new display collections. I have to have surg in a week with a loooooog stay afterward to start a round of chemo and I am going to be stuck in a large city. If I feel up to anything, it will be to make a few runs to drugstores that have polish. Know I won’t be driving for a good 2 weeks post op however. I had a shade like this from think it was MAC but the formula was so horrible I gave it away.

    • Are you thinking of Dry Martini from MAC? I have that one and it is definitely a headache! It’s got quite a bit of brown in it though, so it may not be the same polish.

      Most of MACs polishes have pretty bad formulas…

  2. For some reason I thought the shades from this collection I have seen on line looked like fall – but it’s a new 2013 collection release? Interesting.

  3. Lol I heard about this polish. It is a pretty neutral color. I might go out on a hunt for it now.

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