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SinfulColors Beau Khaki

SinfulColors Beau KhakiOh SinfulColors.

I was at Walgreens recently when I spotted a new Sinful Colors Haute Rebel display. There were several new polishes in the display but Beau Khaki caught my eye. When I turned the bottle over and read the name I will admit I was rather shocked. SinfulColors has had several scandalous polish names in the past (I’m looking at you Leap Flog….) but I think Beau Khaki takes the cake. We had an entire discussion about the name of this polish over on TDV FB page so I’m going to leave the name subject there and move on to the actual polish!

Beau Khaki is a dusty sage green creme. It reminds me an awful lot of Essie Sew Psyched and Chanel Khaki Vert. It’s a green polish but very neutral and even work friendly.

Application was amazing! This could be a one coater if you’re careful, but I used two coats in my swatches.

I was very surprised at how much I loved this nail polish. I was even very amused that the polish matched the cover of the book I was reading.

Despite the name, this is a fabulous polish and a good neutral to add to any collection!

For more swatches, check below the jump 🙂


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SinfulColors Polar Opposites

It seems like every nail polish brand is jumping on the magnetic trend. For the most part I’ve stayed away from magnetic nail polish but when I saw Polar Opposites in the SinfulColors Sinfully Magnetic display at Target I just had to have it. It looked like it had so much potential in the bottle! Normally a SinfulColors nail polish retails for $1.99. The polishes from their magnetic line retail for $4.99. So I expected great things from this polish.

Each SinfulColors magnetic polish comes with a magnet (obviously) and a set of directions. The directions and magnet are similar to other magnetic polishes. The directions state to apply one coat, let dry, apply a second coat then hold the magnet over the wet polish for 15-20 seconds.

In the bottle Polar Opposites looks like an icy steel blue with light blue shimmer. Before the magnet that is basically what it looks like on the nail. I quite like this polish even then. Then as the directions stated I held the magnet over the polish for 20 seconds.

I’ve used other magnetic polishes and have never had a problem. But the first time I used this polish it was kind of a disaster. Ok, that’s a little extreme but my manicure turned out like this. Yeah. Not good. My result looked nothing like the advertised result (there is a picture of that below the jump).

Figuring that perhaps I did something wrong I attempted to use Polar Opposites again. This time around I used 3 coats of Polar Opposites and held the magnet over the polish for about 30 seconds. The results were better but I was still underwhelmed.

As a last resort I decided to try this polish with the magnet from Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Silver Element. The results were leaps and bound better.

If you have other magnets that you know work well then I would recommend checking out SinfulColors magnetic polishes. If you don’t have another magnet I would pass and look into other magnetic polish options (I really like the Sally Hansen magnetic polishes).

Below the jump there are a slew of pictures including pictures of the bottle, directions, magnet as well as swatches of the manicure I did using the Sally Hansen magnet.

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Orly Star of Bombay (+ SinfulColors Faceted)


Once upon a time I remember really loving this nail polish. Star of Bombay is from Orly’s Fall 2008 Gems collection though it is now part of Orly’s permanent line. If I recall correctly I picked this up at Sally’s ages ago when I was on the hunt for the perfect Auburn navy. And to be fair, I’ve used this polish quite a bit in nail art. But it’s been awhile since I’ve worn it on its own.

Star of Bombay is a super dark navy with blue shimmer. Sounds like an awesome concept but fails to deliver on the nail. This polish basically looks black on the nail and the shimmer is undetectable. Sad face.

But, on a better note, the formula is rather fantastic. This can be a one coater though I used two coats in my swatches.

To salvage this manicure I immediately reached for SinfulColors Faceted. The two polishes look fabulous together! Below the jump are a slew of swatches 🙂

Nothing like using glitter to save a disappointing mani!


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SinfulColors Faceted

I posted a picture of Faceted in the bottle on Facebook and described it as fun in a bottle. Question is, does that translate to the nail? Heck yes it does!

Generally I’m not a glitter girl. Sure, I love a good glitter manicure every once in a while, but it’s definitely not my thing. So I was surprised when I spotted the SinfulColors Holiday Shimmers display and immediately reached for Faceted. It just looked so interesting and unique! I ended up picking up Faceted as well as Winter Wonder from the display.

Faceted looks like a complicated mix of glitters but it’s actually not. There are 2 different types of glitter suspended in a clear base. One glitter is a small round(ish) purple glitter and the other is an iridescent bar glitter. The bar glitter is the more sparse of the two which I appreciate because too much bar glitter can make your manicure look…hairy (for lack of a better word…).

This is obviously not a glitter that can be worn on its own. I used two coats of Faceted in my swatches so that a base color wouldn’t take away from the glitter. Below the jump is the polish on just a white piece of paper as well as a macro shot.

I haven’t decided on the best base color for this polish yet. I’m thinking maybe black or navy? Suggestions? Either way, I can’t wait to try it!


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SinfulColors Winter Wonder

Last week I took a bit of a break from the real world and spent a week in the North Carolina mountains. The leaves were beautiful and I did alot of fall related activities like picking apples and roaming around pumpkin patches. But me being me I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out a Rite Aid that was near the house we rented. Hands down…it was the best Rite Aid I’ve ever been in. They had SO MANY limited edition polish and makeup displays. I was in heaven!

I spotted the SinfulColors Holiday Shimmers display and was immediately excited. As I further inspected the display I realized there were a few repromotes but there were also some new polishes. I picked up two of the new releases, Winter Wonder and Faceted.

Winter Wonder is quite hard to describe but I’ll try my best! It has blue/green/gold shimmer in a blue leaning almost metallic charcoal base. Kind of a more complicated version of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous. Absolutely gorgeous! And definitely reminds me of a blustery Midwest winter day.

The formula reminded me quite a bit of Hot Wired, another recent SinfulColors acquisition; very thin and kind of watery. I used three coats in my swatches. I think this would be GORGEOUS layered over black. I’m definitely going to be giving that a try!

This is a unique polish in my personal collection, however, it is quite similar to both Zoya FeiFei and OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Both of those polishes are slightly more blue so I’m not going to say this is a dupe, but if you’ve been lemming either one of those but didn’t want to pay the price, this will likely cure your lemming for no more than $2!

There are more swatches below the jump. Definitely check out the macro shot! It really captures the complexity of this polish 🙂


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SinfulColors Let’s Talk (+ a comparison to Pixi Amazing Amethyst)

This was the first SinfulColors nail polish I ever purchased. No, really! Although, that shouldn’t be that shocking…it’s purple and shimmery. Back then purple shimmery polishes had a monopoly in my collection. The reason I pulled this back out now is that Pixi Amazing Amethyst reminded me quite of bit of Let’s Talk and in the comments Zoey asked if there were any affordable dupes. Below the jump there is a comparison of the two.

Anyway, Let’s Talk is gorgeous! It is an electric purple with blue undertones packed with shimmer. This is definitely bordering on frosty but I would not call it frosty.

This is one of those purples that absolutely freaks my camera out. It pulls significantly more blue in my swatches than it is in real life. Apparently I’m not the only person who has had that problem with this polish. I couldn’t find an accurate swatch anywhere on the internet! So definitely check it out next time you’re at the drugstore. The bottle color is very accurate.

The formula of this polish is a bit thin. I did need three coats to get an opaque color. Otherwise, I have no application complaints.

Like I said, below the jump there is a comparison of Let’s Talk and Pixi Amazing Amethyst. They are not dead on dupes but they are close and Let’s Talk has the same electric quality that makes Amazing Amethyst so special. Let’s Talk is definitely a good less expensive alternative.

Also below the jump there are more swatches of Let’s Talk!

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SinfulColors Hot Wired

The only reason I have this nail polish is because of the rain. No, seriously. I was at the DNC watching a live show of Hardball with Chris Matthews (and having a bit of a fangirl moment) when it started to pour. So where does a nail polish addict take cover in a rainstorm? A Walgreens, of course. Not only did this Walgreens have a super fancy nail polish display, they also had the SinfulColors Hot Flash Metallics display.

This was during one of Walgreens’ $.99 Sinful Colors sales so I decided I must try one of these “hot flash metallics”. I was impressed with the color selection of this collection. Most metallic collections stick to silver, gold, etc. But this collection offers a wide range of  color options. Despite this, I still ended up with a rather “normal” metallic shade.

Hot Wired is a blue based graphite gray packed with a ton of microglitter. It reminds me a bit of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous though Hot Wired lacks the green undertones that Lucerne has.

In the bottle this polish is gorgeous. But, at least in my opinion, it disappoints on the nail. It applies more like a jelly and less like a metallic so it’s a bit more dull than your normal metallic polish. Plus, the formula is super thin. I used 3 coats and still had bald spots and a visible nail line. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Essie’s No Place Like Chrome but this just didn’t look metallic on the nail.

This is the only polish I picked up from the Hot Flash Metallics collection so maybe this was just a dud. I don’t know. If you’ve tried any of the polishes from this collection please leave a comment and let me know about your experience!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂

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SinfulColors Rain Storm

I’m turning into a serious SinfulColors fan girl. During Walgreen’s recent $.99 Sinful Colors sale I picked up 4 new polishes. Both Leap Flog and Ciao Bella are AMAZING polishes so a little part of me thought Rain Storm couldn’t live up to those two. I was wrong! I am completely in love with Rain Storm.

Rain Storm is a dusty blue creme. It’s basically the blue version of Leap Flog. The color is gorgeous, but the formula is better! This is almost a one coater. I wasn’t so careful with my application so I did use two coats in my swatches.

I found this polish on the new(ish) Passion for Color display and it is a new release. Whether or not it is limited edition, I do not know.

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump!


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SinfulColors Ciao Bella

This is another SinfulColors polish from my mini haul during Walgreens $.99 sale. And I must say….so far I am really impressed with my purchases. Leap Flog is absolutely gorgeous so I had no expectations that this would top that. But I think I like Ciao Bella just the slightest bit better.

Ciao Bella is a gorgeous deep blue almost jelly packed with lighter blue microglitter. On the nails it almost looks like a foil. It glows a bit like OPI Swimsuit…Nailed It.

The formula is fantastic. I used only two coats in my swatch. It also wears very well. Several days after I did this manicure my nails still looked great!

There are more swatches below the jump including some taken in direct sunlight. Generally pictures from a lightbox show a polish more accurately. That is true with Ciao Bella, but it’s so sparkly and amazing in the sun I just had to include those pictures.

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SinfulColors Leap Flog

Why is this polish called Leap Flog? It makes my head hurt. Perhaps Leap Frog is copyrighted (not that SinfulColors cares about that….). Even if that was the case, certainly they could have gone with a different name.

Now, lets just assume for a second SinfulColors was serious with the flog part of the nail polish name. It can mean several things. Flog is British slang for “to sell.” Leap To Sell? No. Flog is Australian slang for rain/it’s raining. Leap Rain? Leap Raining? Again, no. Flog is also slang in Australia for a person who is an idiot. Leap Idiot? Perhaps I’m the idiot for trying to figure the name out….

Anyway! Leap Flog is a gorgeous polish. It’s a dusty green creme. It borders on army green but doesn’t have that yellow/brown undertones that army green has. I have absolutely nothing like this in my collection!

Application was stellar. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

Leap Flog is a new release from SinfulColors that I’ve seen on the Study in Style display as well as the Passion for Color display. I picked it up this week because Walgreens is have their $.99 SinfulColors sale.

I’m aware that there is some drama in the nail polish community currently surrounding SinfulColors. I’m trying to stay out of the drama as much as possible but I will include my thoughts on that below the jump. Also below the jump are a couple more swatches.


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