Nail Art: Tiger Stripes & Glitter

Today is the day! I have been counting down to this day for what feels like a lifetimes. College football may have been officially back on Thursday, but for an Auburn person like myself college football wasn’t truly back until today.

But before college football was officially back, I attended a local SEC kickoff event. The local alumni association chapters from all of the SEC schools attended. For the event not only did I go to several different establishments with a temporary tattoo on my face, I also Auburn-fied my nails. The number of people who commented on my nails at the event was crazy (I even had a photography take a picture of my nails…).

In the past I’ve done a couple different Auburn manicures; one for the 2011 BCS Championship game and one for last year’s Iron Bowl. But I do think this is my favorite!

To create this look I used Nina Ultra Pro in Sailor for the navy nails and OPI Hot & Spicy for the orange nails. I topped the navy nails with SinfulColors Hottie and then drew tiger stripes on the orange nails using nail art polish.

This manicure was super easy to do despite looking complicated. That is my favorite kind of nail art!

There are more swatches below the jump.

War Eagle!








7 responses to “Nail Art: Tiger Stripes & Glitter

  1. Nice job! I think this is the first ‘bite’ of fall I have had – start of college football season – fun…being a USC alumni, I look forward to another good season, and ‘we’ are finally out from under past 2 yrs of probation with returning amazing quarterback. Go Cardinal & Gold – opener today (on TV) @ LA Coliseum against U. Hawaii. I am also a Dartmouth alumn , but unless you live there, kind of hard to ever get excited over their football teams!

  2. Just wanted to send out a big WAR EAGLE! I was so excited to see this post. I did game day nails with 3 coats of China Glaze Riveting with accnt nails. Accent nails were 2 coats of Pure Ice All Night Long & 1 coat of China Glaze Dorothy Who for a bit of sparkle. I also like to use 2 coats of the Pure Ice polish with 1-2 coats of Nubar 2010. Despite the color shift, you mostly see the orange in the flakes when you layer it over navy polish.

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