SinfulColors Ciao Bella

This is another SinfulColors polish from my mini haul during Walgreens $.99 sale. And I must say….so far I am really impressed with my purchases. Leap Flog is absolutely gorgeous so I had no expectations that this would top that. But I think I like Ciao Bella just the slightest bit better.

Ciao Bella is a gorgeous deep blue almost jelly packed with lighter blue microglitter. On the nails it almost looks like a foil. It glows a bit like OPI Swimsuit…Nailed It.

The formula is fantastic. I used only two coats in my swatch. It also wears very well. Several days after I did this manicure my nails still looked great!

There are more swatches below the jump including some taken in direct sunlight. Generally pictures from a lightbox show a polish more accurately. That is true with Ciao Bella, but it’s so sparkly and amazing in the sun I just had to include those pictures.




Direct Sunlight


Direct Sunlight


6 responses to “SinfulColors Ciao Bella

  1. This is my new favorite color. I don’t really like the blues look on my skin but I can’t stop buying them.

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  4. I hesitated on purchasing this one because it reminded me of Midnight Blue. Now that I see it swatched, i can see it’s a bit lighter and it has the lil flecks in it. Now i’m kinda wanting it hahah

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