Jesse’s Girl Carolina Beach

It probably won’t surprise any of you that I was trolling Rite Aid stores several days ago just to find this polish! I got wind that Jesse’s Girl new Rock Star display had a polish on it called Carolina Beach. Now, I was born and raised in North Carolina. Charlotte, more specifically. And my family spent many vacations at different Carolina beaches. So obviously (yes, obviously) I needed to own this polish!

Carolina Beach is a bright neon light pink with a slight orange undertone. In the bottle this polish kind of scared me. I am super pale and I was worried this polish would make me look even paler. To my surprise, it was actually very flattering.

The formula is a tad bit thin but not at all runny. I did use three coats in my swatches. This is a neon, so it did dry to that matte finish. I added one coat of Rush 60 Seconds Top Coat and I was good to go!

A couple of things I find a bit odd about this polish. First of all, how does this fit into a rock star themed display? This polish is not part of Jesse’s Girl permanent line so I am rather confused by the name for the particular collection. Secondly, I am 90% sure this is Bikini from the JulieG line repackaged. The JulieG line is manufactured by Jesse’s Girl though not technically part of Jesse’s Girl. I went into more specifics in my post on JulieG Gelato in Venice. But it seems to me that it’s not a stretch for Jesse’s Girl to repackage a polish from the JulieG line.

I am continually impressed by Jesse’s Girl polishes! As always, there are a couple more swatches below the jump!


5 responses to “Jesse’s Girl Carolina Beach

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  2. Such a pretty shade!

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