Nail Art: Swirls!

Sunday is a good day to try out some super easy nail art, right? I did this manicure because I was in the mood for a water marble manicure but I just didn’t have the time to do it. This gives a similar look but takes far less time (and it’s much less frustrating!).

The inspiration for this manicure came from the September 2011 issue of Glamour Magazine (yes, 2011!). They had an entire section on nail art that month and I saved the ones I thought were cute. I previously did the geometric manicure that was featured and figured it was finally time to give the swirl manicure a try! The original manicure had swirls on all of the nails but I decided to just do the swirls as an accent nail.

For step by step directions on how to get this look check below the jump!

What you need:

The key (I learned the hard way…) to a successful swirl manicure is all the nail polish has to be wet. So, work one nail at a time. Paint the nail a thick coat of your base color. Then add dots of the colors you want to create the swirl. After that, just take your toothpick and create the swirls until you are happy with the look! It really is THAT easy.

Because the polish on the nail is quite thick give it a good while to dry before applying your top coat.

I really did love the way this turned out and can’t wait to try some other color combinations!

Do you think you’ll be giving a swirl manicure a try? If you do I’d love to see how it turns out! Please tweet us a picture or post a picture on our Facebook page 🙂


8 responses to “Nail Art: Swirls!

  1. Olivia Crelly

    That looks so cool and it is a really good idea, I’m going to give it a go xx

  2. Very pretty! And yes, I am going to give a swirl mani a try – but just on an accent nail like you did – I am totally into this clean look of late – no glitters and liking basic one color mani/pedis.

  3. I just thought after I left my comment, this is a great mani for today with Wimbledon men’s finals going on – as green is a biggie color for this tourney being it’s on a grass court with all the green court surrounding it. However as I recal there is something to do with purple and yellow with regard to Wimbledon colors. Off to look that one up.

  4. I like the idea of getting similar results to a water marble, but I find that this look is a bit “messy” for me. btw, I tried out the geometric manicure for myself and I absolutely ADORED it. Thanks for posting these great ideas!

    • The reason I only did it on one nail was I was afraid they wouldn’t match! And then I get kind of crazy, lol. To do this you definitely have to embrace a sort of messy look!

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