Orly Star of Bombay (+ SinfulColors Faceted)


Once upon a time I remember really loving this nail polish. Star of Bombay is from Orly’s Fall 2008 Gems collection though it is now part of Orly’s permanent line. If I recall correctly I picked this up at Sally’s ages ago when I was on the hunt for the perfect Auburn navy. And to be fair, I’ve used this polish quite a bit in nail art. But it’s been awhile since I’ve worn it on its own.

Star of Bombay is a super dark navy with blue shimmer. Sounds like an awesome concept but fails to deliver on the nail. This polish basically looks black on the nail and the shimmer is undetectable. Sad face.

But, on a better note, the formula is rather fantastic. This can be a one coater though I used two coats in my swatches.

To salvage this manicure I immediately reached for SinfulColors Faceted. The two polishes look fabulous together! Below the jump are a slew of swatches 🙂

Nothing like using glitter to save a disappointing mani!





12 responses to “Orly Star of Bombay (+ SinfulColors Faceted)

  1. I looove this!!!

  2. I actually really like the color BUT it just got super ugly with the glitter lol. Sorry! :[

  3. I’m kind of sad you aren’t in love with Star of Bombay, I feel like it’s the end of an era….

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  5. I bet this would be a great candidate for the gold leaf topcoats. I have two of them. I agree that they are expensive but I’m so weak…The first time I used one (over black), I actually had to force myself to look at the road while I was driving!

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