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wet n wild megalast Sugar Coat

wet n wild Sugar CoatAs much as I hate to admit it sometimes life requires nail polish that isn’t a crazy color. Subtle isn’t exactly my thing but everyone needs a go to pale pink or nude in their collection. I have a couple that color wise I like (China Glaze Oxygen, Color Club Who Are You Wearing?) but hadn’t found one with a good formula AND a good color.

I found myself browsing the wet n wild display at Harris Teeter, a local grocery store. Sugar Coat caught my eye. It looked like a good color for my (very) pale, cool skintone and in the past I’ve had great luck with polishes from the megalast line.

Sugar Coat is a very, very pale cool toned pink creme. The color is very flattering against my skintone. While the color is lovely, I was very concerned about the formula. As it turns out….the formula is wonderful! I used three coats in my swatches and was very happy with the result. The polish isn’t thin or runny like so many pale pinks I’ve used in the past.

I must admit that normally these kinds of colors make my stomach kind of turn but I ended up liking this mani quite a bit. It was subtle and understated yet looked very polished and chic.

Who knew I’d find the perfect nude polish at the grocery store! Especially for the very affordable price of $1.99.

There are additional swatches under the jump!


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wet n wild Pin’ Em Slater

wet n wild Pin Em SlaterOh, A.C. Slater. I always felt bad for him. As the stereotypical jock he was always the butt of the joke. But he was lovable, none the less.

When wet n wild released their limited edition Saved by the Bell collection last summer every child of the 90’s was dying to get their hands on the polishes. Unfortunately, the collection was not rolled very well. Not only were these polishes next to impossible to find, who releases a collection of neons in August?

Well, regardless, the collection included 6 neons; one for each of Saved By the Bell‘s main characters. Pin’ Em Slater is a super bright neon yellow jelly. I find this polish isn’t wearable on its own (there is a swatch of it alone under the jump) but looks gorgeous over white. I used 2 coats of Ulta Snow White and just one coat of Pin’ Em Slater in my swatches.

I love super bright neon polishes for summer. I’ve done neon polka dots using this polish and I’ve also paired the bright yellow with a black and white accent nail. Both were fun, summer manis. But, if your thing isn’t highlighter bright nails then I do apologize for burning your eyeballs! There are more retina scorching swatches below the jump.

For other polishes from this collection check out my posts on Nerd Alert: Screech and Fashionista Lisa.


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wet n wild megalast I Need a Refresh-Mint (+ a textured gradient)

wet n wild megalast I Need a Refresh-MintAfter I wore JulieG Rock Candy on its own I really wanted to do a textured gradient using it but was having a hard time deciding on what color to use as a base. I was looking through my seriously overflowing green and blue Melmer drawer when I Need a Refresh-Mint caught my eye. It wasn’t the most obvious choice but turned out to be a good one.

I Need a Refresh-Mint is a medium minty green with slight blue undertones. It’s quite the flattering mint. I often have trouble with mint greens being too yellow or chalky. This is neither!

The formula and application of this polish is wonderful. I really like the megalast brush. I used two coats in my swatches.

After I wore this for a day I topped it with JulieG Rock Candy using a wet sponge. I really loved the result! There are swatches of that manicure below the jump 🙂



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wet n wild Fashionista Lisa

wet n wild Fashionista LisaAlmost a year ago wet n wild released a limited edition 6 polish collection based on everyone’s favorite 90s show; Saved By The Bell. There were alot of weird things about this collection. First of all, it was really difficult to find. I only ever saw the collection at CVS and only saw an actual display once. Also, it was a collection full of neons that was released in August. By the time August rolls around I’m over neons. I ended up with most of the polishes (though I do think I’m missing one or two) but have only worn Nerd Alert: Screech.

Friday night my friend Tyler and I were going to check out a new bar. It’s called the Roxbury and as you might guess it’s a 90s themed bar and nightclub. We had a blast. And my manicure was perfect for the occasion.

Fashionista Lisa is a dark raspberry purple creme. Yes, I would categorize this polish as purple, but there is an awful lot of red in the color as well. For a neon the formula is quite good. I used three coats and was happy with the level of opacity. Using a white base is unnecessary with this polish.

This is a color I really love. It’s bright but in a subtle way (I know…but it is!). This polish is likely impossible to find at this point but I have an alternative! Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple is very similar.

Since this was a night out manicure I added a glitter accent nail using wet n wild Fergie nail color in Going Platinum topped with OPI Spark de Triomphe. There are swatches of that manicure along with additional swatches of Fashionista Lisa below the jump.



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wet n wild Fergie nail color Grammy Gold

wet n wild Fergie nail color Grammy GoldI’m not going to say I have a love/hate relationship with wet n wild’s Fergie nail polish line. It’s more like a hate/luke warm relationship. Grammy Gold is the fourth polish I have tried from this line. Dutchess falls solidly into the hate category. Walk of Fame I hate slightly less but still didn’t love. Going Platinum impressed me in comparison to the other Fregie polishes I’ve tried but it certainly did make me fall head over heels. Grammy Gold is right in line with Going Platinum.

Grammy Gold is a yellow gold slightly frosted metallic. The gold is actually a nice color. Though it’s still not the best for my particular skintone (which is very obvious in this picture) it’s not as yellow as some gold polishes.

The formula is fantastic. This could almost be a one coater. That being said, I still don’t love the Fergie brushes.

While I will probably never wear this polish on its own again it is going to be a good polish to have around for nail art (I used it in my St. Patrick’s Day manicure this year!).

In an attempt to make this manicure a bit more wearable I added an accent nail using Pixi Summer Sunset. There are additional swatches of Grammy Gold along with swatches of my manicure with Summer Sunset below the jump!



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Spoiled by wet n wild Are Mermaids Real?

Spoiled by wet n wild Are Mermaids RealMy boyfriend is almost 7 years older than me and this creates an interesting dynamic as far as pop culture goes. I always want to listen to 90’s on 9. He always wants to listen to 80’s on 8. He is continually appalled at the amount of 80’s movies I’ve never seen. My response is always to remind him I was *insert age way too young to have seen said movie when it came out here* and certainly have had no reason to see it since! The most recent movie to cause this exchange was Splash. He insisted I would like it so we watched it. I will admit I kind of loved it.

Not long after watching Splash I was browsing the Spoiled by wet n wild display at my local CVS. Are Mermaids Real? caught my eye. It is gorgeous in the bottle! When I saw the name I knew I had to have it. As it turns out I think I like the nail polish more than I liked the movie!

Are Mermaids Real? is a medium blue leaning purple jelly with gold fleck glitter. The color is gorgeous! Though the formula, as I suspected, is a bit on the thin side. I used 3 coats in my swatches and was happy with the opacity but I do think this would make a great layering polish. It reminds me alot of Avon Violetta Sparkle.

I decided to add an accent nail to this manicure using Julep Sienna. Sienna really brought out the gold shimmer in Are Mermaids Real?. It was the perfect Sunday Funday manicure! Below the jump there are swatches of that manicure along with additional swatches of Are Mermaids Real?.

Clearly I need to stay out of the drugstore post movie date nights with the boy!


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wet n wild Fergie nail color Going Platinum

wet n wild Fergie nail color Going PlatinumTo say the least my experience with wet n wild’s line of Fergie polishes has been less than stellar. I still have nightmares about Dutchess and Hollywood Walk of Fame was just disappointing. Clearly I haven’t learned from my mistakes (or I’m just a gluten for punishment) because when I saw the new ginormous Fergie polish display at Walgreens I just had to try Going Platinum. It looked amazing and unique in the bottle.

Going Platinum is a super shiny silver metallic with gold glitter. The base color is almost identical to Funky Fingers Edward’s Silver Volvo. It’s the gold glitter that makes this polish unique.

The formula was actually good. I was surprised due to my previous experience with this line of polish but Going Platinum applied wonderfully in three coats.

Perhaps I judged this line of polish too soon? I’m not sold yet. One good polish doesn’t erase my memory of the ever so awful Dutchess polish. That being said, I’m much more open to trying other Fergie polishes now. If you have any favorites definitely let me know!

There are more swatches below the jump. You can really see the gold glitter in the macro shots 🙂


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Saved by the Resort Giveaway!

Giveaway - Resort headerI am so over winter and ready for spring and summer! I’m not a fan of the cold, I much prefer the basking in the sun by the pool. I figured some of you might be feeling the same way so to honor my mid-winter blues, I’m having a giveaway!
This is a bit of a mix and match giveaway – my favorite kind! In January, Julep released their Resort Collection: Escape & Unwind which paired nudes with neons. I used my Julep Jules to order the Bora Bora Trio as an add on to my Bombshell Box The Bora Bora trio includes: Taylor:  a deep sky blue creme, Renee:  a spring lilac creme, and Mandy: a fresh, bright deep coral pink creme.

These colors are sure to warm you up! To step it up a notch, I’m including two polishes from Wet n Wild’s Saved by The Bell Collection: Fashionista Lisa and Pin ’em Slater.

For details on how to enter the giveaway and a picture of the goodies, go ahead and click below!

Stay Warm!


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wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the Clouds

wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the CloudsHate is such a strong word but the only one I can think of to describe my feelings about this nail polish. HATE!

Head in the Clouds is a frosty/metallic green leaning light aqua. I don’t have any issues with the color. It’s quite nice. The formula though….terrible! It’s very thin. I used 4 coats in my swatches. But the thin formula wasn’t the biggest issue. It was the constant bubbles. No matter what I did I could not apply this polish without a ton of bubbles.

And if all that wasn’t a nightmare enough…the brush strokes. So many brush strokes!

I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this nail polish which makes me a bit sad. I usually have amazing luck with wet n wild’s Wild Shine line so this is definitely an anomaly.

There are more swatches of this tragic manicure below the jump.


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Perfect Pair: China Glaze Glitter All The Way & wet n wild Disturbia

I mentioned in my post on China Glaze Glitter All The Way that I thought it would make an excellent glitter top coat. I was right!

It took awhile for me to decide what color to layer Glitter All The Way over. Most things I thought of I felt would clash or just wouldn’t look right. I was a bit nervous to go with a dark purple simply because there is alot of dark purple glitter in Glitter All The Way and I didn’t want it to get lost. Turns out, my worries were for nothing.

I layered one coat of Glitter All The Way over 2 coats of wet n wild Disturbia and just loved the way it turned out. Because the base was dark the glitter was almost subtle. I know this sounds crazy looking at my swatches but you can see what I’m talking about in this picture.

Anyway, I’m not sure what other colors to layer this over. If you have any ideas, please leave them in a comment!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂

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