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Katie’s Spring Giveaway!

Since work has been super busy lately and I have had the worst luck with catching sun in the afternoon I think it’s about time I announce my Spring Giveaway! We’ve also had a serious streak with record breaking views over the last few weeks so this is my way of saying thank you. I’m so excited!!! Once I got my bottle of Atlantic by Lex Cosmetics I immediately ordered one for a giveaway for you all!

Included in the giveaway:

Atlantic by Lex Cosmetics, Green Ocean by Sinful Colors, Sula Paint & Peel in Royal, and an EOS Refresh Hand Lotion which I absolutely love!

How to enter? Two Easy Steps…

1. Like The Daily Varnish on Facebook.

2. Like or comment on my giveaway post on Facebook. You may enter until midnight on May 31st and we can kick off June 1st with a winner! I’ll notify the winner via Facebook.

Note: This is open to international followers as well!

Good Luck!

Lex Cosmetics – Atlantic

I am so excited about this nail polish for a million reasons! This is the latest addition to the Lex Cosmetics nail polish collection, Atlantic (in fact – it’s gone up on the site since I’ve been writing this post). After Alli got the chance to review Himalayas – I looked into Lex Cosmetics and was really blown away by the concept for two reasons. First, people submit their ideas for nail polish and it’s put to a vote – the winning nail polish gets created – super cool right? But it doesn’t stop there! $1 from the sale of every bottle goes to a non profit organization of the creator’s choice!

So of course I immediately tried to start thinking of ideas. I wanted it to be something important to me and my life but also that could be tied to a great cause. I spent time thinking about various things in nature, and it hit me – the ocean. I spent lots of summers on the beach and the ocean to me is one of those awe inspiring things that I knew I’d love to see reflected in a nail polish.

So finally after lots of thought and some rewording I finally submitted my idea & was ecstatic to see it up for the vote a month or so later. And here’s when I say thank you to everyone who voted! I won and I worked with Alexa to fine tune things – and she was fantastic, we emailed back and forth quite a bit and I could not have asked for a nicer more wonderful person to work with through this process.

Flash forward to last Friday, I got this beauty in the mail. I was insanely giddy about the color – I love it. It’s a gorgeous teal creme that’s bright and vibrant absolutely perfect for summer. Now the color is great but how about the formula? A+ on the formula – no I’m not just saying this because it was my idea – in fact I was kind of worried about what I’d write if it was awful – the formula rocks. It’s so pigmented that you can get away with just using ONE COAT. I used two because I’m not the most patient polisher in the world. It doesn’t hurt that the bottle is cute and the top is even cuter.

I’d like to tell you a bit about the charity that I chose – originally I’d chosen The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, but after some thought I decided on the Oceanic Preservation Society. OPS is doing some great things to save the dolphins in Japan – if you haven’t already I highly suggest watching The Cove.

If you’ve made it all the way down here – bless you – and Alexa has been awesome enough to give you all a coupon which I will post as soon as I get it. In closing, If you have a cool idea for a nail polish – go! submit it! – and support a cause that’s important to you at the same time! The latest winner is Seashell submitted by Sarah and I really can’t wait to see it!

EDIT: Coupon Code is n4i2g5g – it’s 3 dollars off Atlantic!

Happy Almost Friday!

Disclosure: The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.

Nina Ultra Pro – Mossy Britches

I grabbed this polish when Nina Ultra Pro was on sale last month at Sally’s when I picked up Never Glum Plum, Burnished Bronze and Candi Apple. As soon as I put this on my nails I immediately wondered if it was a dupe for China Glaze’s Peace on Earth – I think we might have a pretty close match, not ready to call it a dupe without comparing it myself but look at this great swatch of Peace on Earth on Kellie Gonzo‘s Blog.

Just based on her review and mine of Mossy Britches – it seems MB may be superiour. MB has the gorgeous olive green frosty/metallic look that PoE does – the multi colored (very) micro glitter is more pronounced and the brush strokes are much less apparent in Mossy Britches.

Application? Awesome – I used 2 coats + a coat of Seche Vite. The formula flowed nicely – not too thick or too thin. I got this because it was so very different from everything in my collection and I am so glad that I did. Nina Ultra Pro is sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply for 3.99.  See below the jump for a picture that really shows how fantastic the multi colored microglitter is!

Have a lovely Sunday!


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Color Club – Pucci-licious

Color Club - Poptastic!

Amazing find! Color Club sets are at Ross for 7.99! I picked up four 🙂 Poptastic is the first set that decided to try out. And in case you were wondering… I also picked up Electrocandy, Pardon My French, and Rebel Debutante

I chose to swatch Pucci-licious first because I knew Alli would be dying to see a new purple. It went on a little streaky and it took 3 coats to be smooth and opaque. It dried slightly flat – but not quite typicColor Club - Pucci-liciousal neon (which it isn’t) or matte flat – like some neons do. I really like the color. It’s gorgeous. It’s a purple that leans blue – and photographs more blue than it is. So without further ado… She’s pretty isn’t she? It’s slightly more purple than my picture shows – but it’s gorgeous and fun and very summery – It makes me really excited to try out the rest of the collection (I’m most excited about Almost Famous and Chelsea Girl).

It’s a gorgeous day and I’m going to take advantage of the sunshine 🙂

Have a great weekend!!


Sinful Colors – Green Ocean

Sinful Colors - Green Ocean2

I am in love. Sinful Colors Green Ocean is an amazing blue-green glitter in a clear base with beautiful flakes. I love it! I saw it at Walgreen’s in a cute little St. Patrick’s Day display along with Irish Green. I got that too and both were the usual SC price of 1.99. I’m loving drugstore polish more and more. ANYWAY… I decided to layer it over black and the result was just amazing. I chose to layer it over Essie – Licorice but really any black will do. It makes the flakes and glitter stand out and it makes me want to try and layer it over some of my silver, blue, green, and teal polishes – and when I do, I’ll post those too 🙂 This is a must have. Go! Get it now! You won’t regret it.

Sinful Colors - Green OceanSeriously. How hot is that? So pretty.


Have a great weekend!



China Glaze – Aqua Baby (+mini haul)

China Glaze - Aqua BabyFirst let me say, this color is great. It’s bright and fun and perfectly creme-y, yet very glossy at the same time. For color it get’s two thumbs up. This picture is fairly accurate though I think it leans every so slightly towards teal, just a bit.

Now, as far as wear goes – I used a new base & top coat from Sinful Colors (along with two coats of Aqua Baby)…I put this polish on Tuesday night, and photographed it Thursday afternoon – the tip wear is more than obvious in the picture on the left. Sinful Colors - Top and BaseIt doesn’t really bother me b/c  it’s rare that I go more than a day or so without changing my nail polish and I don’t know if it chipped more because of the formula or because of the Sinful Colors Top/Base Coat. I’ll have to give both another try and we’ll see I suppose. Has anyone else used Sinful Colors Quick Dry?

But wait!China Glaze - Aqua Baby (Matte) There’s more! Yes, I know I’m feeling a bit guilty for not posting so much lately so.. I decided to throw my new best friend into the mix – matte top coat time! I suppose, overall, I’m not overly impressed with adding a matte top coat to Aqua Baby – it makes it flat and dull, and I don’t expect I’ll do it again but I’ll show you the results anyway 🙂 SoPolish Haul 3-4 without further ado…

Nope. Still not done. I had a stressful day at work so I made a stop at Sally’s in search of China Glaze – Grape Pop, which they were out of – but I got these beauties instead… From Left to right we have: China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle, China Glaze – Heli-yum, China Glaze – Frostbite, Orly – Pixy Stick, and Orly Snowcone.

More on these later. Happy Varnishing!