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Essie – Pure Pearlfection

When I first saw Essie’s Luxeffects I have to admit I really wasn’t all that impressed, but after seeing swatches I decided I had to have two: Pure Pearlfection and As Gold as it Gets.

I decided to layer Pure Pearlfection over two coats of Splash of Grenadine (From the 2010 Resort Collection that also included Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise and Caicos). I think the result speaks for itself.  It gives the polish a completely new look – and I absolutely love it. I prefer shimmers to cremes and I can’t wait to try this over… pretty much everything I own.

I actually tried As Gold as it Gets over Turquoise and Caicos first but ended up with the worst bed nails imaginable – I can’t even post the picture. But I’m going to try that look again since it looked amazing… before I went to bed.

Did you pick up any other Luxeffects? Thoughts?Also, if you’d like to see this over another polish just let me know!



ORLY – Nite Owl

I’ve had this polish for quite a while – it was a part of ORLY’s Birds of a Feather collection (which also included the much talked about Fowl Play). In fact, I tried to swatch it back in December but my cuticles were in such bad shape that I was embarrassed to show you (you can look at that picture here if you’d like).

This is a really lovely beige/taupe with very fine silver shimmer – it applies great: 2 coats and you’re ready to go. It reminds me a lot of butter LONDON’s All Hail The Queen/McQueen without the holographic shimmer. Lately, it’s been one of my go to polishes when I just can’t decide what I want to wear (along with Essie’s Meet Me at Sunset).

Happy Monday!

essie – meet me at sunset

I must have had this polish on brain after reading Elle’s post about bright polishes! I was definitely needing some cheerful colors on my nails and so I picked this up at Walgreen’s (along with Eternal Optimist).

Meet me at Sunset was originally released as a part of the Brazilliant collection (Summer 2011). When I put it on I instantly fell in love with it! It fit my need perfectly- bright and cheerful! Though essie’s description calls this “a deep vibrant orange.” However, I think we could initiate a red-orange vs. orange-red debate a la Crayola… Either way, it’s lovely.

Obviously from the bottle, this is the retail not the salon version – and while many of you hate the white logo – I think it’s kind of cute, as long as the glass logos are still there, I’m okay with it.

In my shopping spree, I also picked up 2 polishes from Fingerpaint’s Special Effects collection: Asylum and Twisted. I’ll do a full post on both of them, but wanted to give you a sneak peek of Meet Me at Sunset + Twisted. So gorgeous! It makes me think of dancing flames (and brings to mind The Hunger Games…).

Happy Monday!

Zoya – Jules

I was wandering around Ulta a week or two ago and they had tons of great polishes on clearance. A good selection of Zoya, China Glaze, and OPI – ironically it included Alli’s mega-lemming for the past 2 years – Dating a Royal – but I’d just sent her my bottle so I decided to let someone else find that lovely blue jelly treasure.

I decided to pick up Jules – I’d always looked at this when thinking about ordering from Zoya and for 3.49 it was a total steal.Originally from last spring’s Intimate collection, Zoya describes Jules as “A sparkling neutral light taupe with gold, silver and champagne metallic shimmer. A new modern metallic that gives an ultra-luxe look. ” I couldn’t describe it better than that so I won’t try!

The application was great – I used 3 coats and a coat of Seche Vite on top.

While it’s not the most unique polish… it’s very me, very flattering, and I’m glad to have it in my collection.

Happy Saturday!


Katie’s Top 10 of 2011

It feels like I just posted my Top 10 of 2010. Top 10 of 2011, just isn’t as catchy, should I have done my top 11?  I felt like every time a new collection came out this year – it didn’t wow me – but going over the last year of posts there are plenty of stand out polishes and it’s been difficult narrowing it down to just 10…

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China Glaze – Some Like it Haute

Good Afternoon! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! Today I’m showing off my choice from The China Glaze Eye Candy collection – I really was very conservative with polish shopping this holiday season – choosing one per collection (I know I did Twinkle Lights but since that was from Let it Snow it doesn’t count).

Some Like it Haute is hard to describe and harder to photograph. It has silver, charcoal, and holographic glitter all in a a silvery charcoal base. It’s like a disco ball on my fingers – I love it! It’s completely opaque after 3 coats, even though under bright winter sun, it looks like there’s a bald spot on my pinky – it doesn’t show up at all.

Overall, I like it – it wasn’t too difficult to work with for a glitter polish, and I think it’d be great for New Year’s Eve (I almost wrote Halloween…. maybe it’s time for a nap). It dries fairly quickly which is great but you definitely want to put a top coat on to help smooth it out – I used two coats of Seche Vite over top.

I think after this post I’ll be staying away from glitter for a while, my nails need a serious break.

Have a great day!




OPI – Designer…De Better

I grew up on The Muppets, so while I wasn’t super excited about the collection – I knew I had to grab at least one polish – and Designer…De Better jumped out at me right away.

The color is a light silvery champagne foil with bits of copper/pink/red microglitter mixed in. In fact, it reminds me a lot of a long time lemming: ORLY’s Rage, with Rage being more a bit more rosy. Do you need both? No certainly not if you already have Rage, pass on this one.

The application was perfect, I used three coats and had no problems. The two times I’ve worn this I’ve gotten lots and lots of compliments – usually I get compliments on the more daring shades, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Now, my only problem is… I don’t understand the name! Can anyone clue me in on how this relates to the Muppets?


Trick or Treat: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Pumpkin Spice

It’s almost Halloween! Even if you have already been to some Halloween festivities and have to return to the daily grind tomorrow like I do – you can still show off your holiday spirit with some festive nail looks.

After wearing the Salon Effects Ghoulie Girl for a week I was reading for a change  – (by the way – Ghoulie Girl wore fantastically – I lasted 6 days and only had one teeny chip on the last day). So I present to you my Halloween nail look for this year. Pumpkin Spice is a great layering polish – I only tested it on it’s own once and knew the sheerness would irritate me – so I saved myself the trouble and put it on top of essie’s Licorice – which is my go to black polish.

The glitter distributes very evenly – I put on 2 coats of Licorice and 2 coats of Pumpkin Spice for this picture. If you can still find it – definitely pick it up. It’s a look I like a million times better than Hard Candy’s Mischief (Dupe of China Glaze’s Ick-a-Body) – which is just too much orange glitter for my liking.

A few other looks I’m loving: Cristina‘s Water Marble, Salon Effects in WishNets, and Brooke’s Candy Corn nails.

Happy Halloween (Eve!)

Trick or Treat: Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Ghoulie Girl

Halloween perfection! How cute are these little white and orange ghosts? Or are they ghouls? Either way I got so many compliments today – probably more than when I wore Laced Up (my only other experience with the Salon Effects strips) and now I’m excited for Halloween.

I just put these on Monday night and this picture was taken Tuesday – I wanted to go ahead and post in case you wanted to run out and get these for any weekend parties (or trick or treating!).

Another reason I wanted to go ahead and post is that my thoughts on application are very fresh in my mind. First off, my experience was not as good as with Laced Up (nor as good as Alli had with Wishnets). So what’s the difference? I do know that my nails are not in very good condition right now – they’re dry, one is still splitting and my cuticles are in dyer need of a professional mani (ugh!). I didn’t use a base coat as Alli suggested, but did follow the SH directions exactly.

On two of the strips, they didn’t come clean off the backing – ripping down the sides. On my pointer finger, I had a chip within hours, but I also applied that one poorly – peeling it halfway off before realigning it – so please be careful when you place your strips! However, I have enough strips left over to fix that this evening. After it chipped I took nail clippers to it – which is why it’s a bit shorter than my other nails.

All in all, I’m not ready to place any blame on Sally Hansen and I’m going to chalk up my less than perfect experience to user error. I needed to prep my nails a bit better and be more careful when I was applying them. Overall, I love the design. I’d gotten it on a whim and wasn’t really excited about putting them on – but once they were on – oh so cute!

Overall: Love the look and I am SO excited to try some of the new winter designs that I saw at Target last weekend.

Edit: Despite my slightly imperfect application this wore amazingly! I work it before 6 days before I got twitchy and wanted to put on something different. Thumbs up!

Revlon – Facets of Fuchsia

Hi lovelies! I passed over this one a few times before finally purchasing it. I figured there was no way it could look as good on the nail as it does in the bottle. I was wrong! After seeing it swatched I knew I had to have it. I’ve wanted Deborah Lippman’s Bad Romance for SO long, but now that I have Facets of Fuchsia – no need! Check out Candy Coated Tips for a great comparison.

Now for my thoughts. This polish really is fabulous. I used 4 coats in the picture. Now, since I’d prefer a little less glitter – in the future I’d go with a coat of Essie Licorice (or any black creme) with 2 coats of FoF on top. But 3-4 coats is what you need to build up the black jelly base to get rid of nail lines.

Other than that…. I don’t have all that much to say. The picture speaks for itself. If you like the black and purple glitter look but aren’t a fan of big glitter – check out China Glaze’s Mummy May I.

Happy Monday!