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Rimmel Hot Chilli Pepper

Rimmel Hot Chilli Pepper bottleRimmel has (obviously) relaunched their 60 Seconds Nail Polish line in the states. I was super excited to find the line again because I loved it back in the day (and back in the day I mean 2010). Being unsure what to expect from the newly relaunched and reformulated line I picked up three colors to try. Mintilicious turned out to be wonderful so I had high hopes for Hot Chilli Pepper (yes, chilli has 2 l’s. That is apparently the way the British spell chili). Luckily, it didn’t let me down!

Hot Chilli Pepper is a bright orange leaning red with a splash of pink creme. It’s a lovely color and perfect for the warmer months. It also makes a lovely pedicure color.

Rimmel claims that all of the polishes in their 60 Seconds line are one coaters. This is definitely not true though Hot Chilli Pepper did apply nicely in 2 coats.

So far I’m really impressed with this line of polishes. For more info on the new bottle and brush check out my post on Mintilicious. There are swatches below the jump!


PS: As a child of the 90’s it was really REALLY difficult not to call this nail polish Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Rimmel Mintilicious

Rimmel MintiliciousWelcome back, Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish! Way back in 2010 Rimmel stopped selling their 60 Seconds Nail Polish in the States. At the time there were rumors of a relaunch but as time passed I began to think those were, perhaps, just rumors. Luckily Rimmel finally made good on those rumors! Recently the Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish line has started to show up again in US drugstores. The line has been repackaged and reformulated and I was super excited to give it a try.

Mintilicious fits nicely into my current nail polish loves. It’s a bright, not chalky mint creme with subtle blue undertones. It’s a flattering mint color and in the same color family as wet n wild megalast I Need a Refresh-mint.

The formula was good though I did need three coats to get an opaque color. But the formula wasn’t runny or difficult to work with. That being said, Rimmel claims this is a one coat nail polish that dries in under 60 seconds. That is definitely not true but this polish did set fairly quickly.

I really love this polish. The color is bright, fun and perfect for the warm weather! Plus it’s just fun to wear.

Below the jump I have information on the new packaging and brush as well as a comparison to the old bottle and brush along with additional swatches of Mintilicious. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the new Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish and what you thought about it. I’m definitely looking to try some of the other (42) colors!



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Rimmel Speed Dating

Rimmel Speed DatingI know what you’re thinking right now. “Seriously, Alli? ANOTHER hard to find/discontinued polish!?”

But in my defense this polish is available on Amazon and well, this whole reorganizing my stash process has reminded me of some of the polishes I have that have never been on this blog!

Anyway, on to the polish! Speed Dating is a gorgeous raspberry pink with some rather sparse microglitter and a pearly finish. Just lovely. And dare I say perfect for Valentine’s Day! I did a Valentine’s Day manicure using this polish. You can get a sneak peek of it by clicking here.

Application was good. I have no real complaints. For my swatches I used three coats.

Speed Dating is from Rimmel’s long gone Lycra Wear line. It’s supposed to be a long wearing polish line and on the bottle claims this polish will wear for 10 days with no base or top coat. While I will admit this polish does wear well, I’m not sure 10 days was ever going to happen. And I did use a top coat (RUSH 60 Second High Speed top coat).

I have Pop Apricot from this same line of polishes that I also love. They were both Big Lots finds way back in 2010. I wish I had more polishes from the Lycra Wear line (or maybe Rimmel will bring them back!).

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any dupes. The microglitter and pearl finish makes this polish rather unique. If you know of any similar polishes please let me know!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂


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Rimmel Pop Apricot

This is a post I debated on whether or not I should do. The Rimmel Lycra Wear line of polishes is long discontinued; I picked this up over two years ago at Big Lots.  And unlike say a discontinued OPI polish, it’s not likely that this polish will be easy to find, even on places like Amazon. I decided to go ahead and do this post because I’ve been wearing this polish a ton lately. But please let me know in the comments if you like to see posts on polishes that are no longer available or if you’d prefer I not do these types of posts.

Anyway, on to the polish! Pop Apricot is a gorgeous coral jelly with gold sort of flakey glitter. The color is not what I would call apricot, it’s just not that orange! The shimmer is really what makes this polish. It’s not just your normal micro glitter but it’s not chunky either.

The color is gorgeous which makes the sub par application worth it. It is a jelly, so it’s a bit thinner than a normal polish, but I can’t get away with anything less than 4 coats.

The bottle claims this wears for 10 days without a top or base coat. Not so much! This only wears a couple of days on me before it chips. Though, I will admit, I have no tried it without a base or top coat but I have tried it with several different kinds of base and top coats.

As always, there are a ton more pictures below the jump. And just a reminder, you can still enter our July Julep Maven giveaway! It’s super easy to enter so check out Katie’s giveaway post if you haven’t already 🙂

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Essie Midnight Cami dupe; Rimmel Midnight Blue

Midnight Cami is one of my all time favorite nail polishes. It’s the perfect jewel toned not to dark, not to light midnight blue with blue shimmer. For one reason or another when I initially wore Rimmel Midnight Blue it didn’t immediately register that it may be a dupe for Midnight Cami, but when I was looking through the blue drawer in my Melmler the other day I realized they looked quite similar. Turns out, they are dupes.

Despite the fact that these two polishes on the nail look exactly the same, the formulas are quite different. Of the two, I prefer the Rimmel formula. It’s a tad bit thicker and doesn’t have the drag problem that the Essie formula has. Additionally, when removing these two polishes, the Essie stains much easier than the Rimmel. They were similar in wear time.

I love it when the cheaper option turns out to be the better option!

There’s another comparison picture below the jump taken in the shade 🙂



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Rimmel – Purple Rain

Rimmel - Purple Rain  Yay! Purple Rain! Good song… good polish. What more can you ask for?

I grabbed this during CVS’s clearance sale for 75% off. It’s been a while so I apologize that I can’t remember how much I paid but it wasn’t much.

This is my first time using Rimmel (can you believe it?) – and I absolutely loved it! The brush is lovely – the formula was great and I really like the color. It’s a deep aubergine that fits into the “almost black” category when you’re indoors. Reminds me quite a bit of the Lincoln Parks (after dark, at midnight, suede, matte – yes I have them all) – which are among my favorite nail polishes to date.

So, did you get anything awesome from CVS? By the way, I’ve seen this on sale at Walgreens lately, if you’re missing an awesome vampy purple in your collection – this one fits the bill.

Happy Wednesday!


Rimmel Midnight Blue

If you saw my tweet you know this nail polish was the deal of the century! I would always look at this polish when I was in the drug store but for one reason or another never pick it up. But currently it is 75% off at CVS plus I had a dollar off coupon. Nail polish for $.17!? Yes please!

Midnight Blue is a deep navy with blue microglitter. The formula is AMAZING! Super opaque yet not thick. This is one of those polishes that could be a one coater, but I did use two.

As far as wear goes, I had a similar experience with this polish as I did with Marine Blue from this same line; wore extremely well but no way this polish would make it 10 days.

This polish is similar to Orly Star of Bombay, though the sparkle is a bit more apparent in Midnight Blue.

Rimmel Night Before

Rimmel Night BeforeThis is one of my all time favorite drugstore polishes. I picked it up ages ago and since then Rimmel had stopped producing the 60 Seconds line. But, rumor has it they are relaunching it, and alot of these are still showing up at Big Lots.

Night Before is a blurple packed with magenta microglitter. It’s one of those dark polishes that never really looks black. Application was fine, though as you can tell in the picture, I did have some drag issues (though you really can’t tell just looking at my nails in real life). I used three coats and skipped the top coat. I wanted to test the drying time. It definitely dried quickly. I went shopping not all that long after I did this manicure and didn’t dent my nails at all.

Hopefully this color will be included in the relaunch. It’s such a pretty color and the magenta microglitter really makes it unique. Another bonus is when this line was out before the polishes were less than $3!


Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Marine Blue

Marine Blue is from the new(ish) Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel line from Rimmel. Rimmel claims this polish can last up to 10 days with some fancy time released shine formula and UV protection. The polish ran about $4. For a Rimmel polish that seemed kind of steep, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

In the bottle this color has a bit of a duo chrome effect, but that doesn’t translate to the nail (even in the sun). On the nail, Marine Blue is a bluish green with not really microglitter, more of a frost. Very shimmery! I really love this color.

Application was great. This Rimmel line has a wide brush (similar to Sally Hansom Complete Salon Manicure or Insta-Dri brushes). The formula is perfect. I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but something just seemed wrong about not doing two.

As for Rimmel’s claim that this polish can last 10 days, I’m skeptical. That being said, I get bored way too fast to even attempt to keep the same manicure of 10 days. I’m currently on day 3 of this manicure with not a single chip (quite an amazing feat).