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Lex Cosmetics – Tuilleries

Lex - TuilleriesI’m writing this on Sunday night and I have to admit that the events over the last 24 hours have left me a little melancholy. For many reasons, I’m sure I’m not the only one who went looking for a cheer-me-up polish this morning.I turned on my polish radar and almost immediately grabbed Tuilleries by Lex Cosmetics.

Tuilleries is a delicate sheer pink jelly with orange, magenta, and silver hex glitter with much smaller glitter in the same colors throughout (FYI: It’s same gorgeous glittery goodness as Dying Embers).

So… why did I pick Tuilleries as my pick me up? (A) Really? Look at it! (B) Tuilleries was created by Amanda (The Nail Polish Enthusiast) – I’ve gotten to know her on twitter and I’m so lucky! She’s so genuine and down to earth and all around awesome. (C) It feels good to give back, this polish benefits lung cancer research. It’s a cause that’s very close to my heart.

Check below for some more pictures and maybe a few random thoughts of the day.

Happy Monday.


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CoverGirl Glosstinis – Appletini

CG - Appletini (Outside)Happy Monday & welcome to the afternoon edition of The Daily Varnish! Horray! Confession time. I have a lot of green polish, but I will very rarely pick a green to wear. I may have found an exception. After Alli posted her Birthday Mani using PISTOL polish Dean’s List and Guns Blazing, I found myself in ABSOLUTE DIRE  need of a chartreuse green! Lemming city! I was going to pick up Essie’s The More the Merrier but when I passed by the CoverGirl Glosstini display at Target last week opted for Appletini!

This cute little polish is a darling chartreuse green. The application was just ace. The first coat was a little streaky but it evened out with two coats and I did three for good measure! My only complaint is that since it’s such a small bottle, the square top a bit bulky and hard to maneuver – it won’t stop me from grabbing a few more Glosstinis if they catch my eye, though.

There are some more pictures under the jump! Enjoy!!!!


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Julep – Nan

Julep - NanI have been raving about this polish ever since it arrived! Nan was the first polish I used from my June Julep Maven box and it’s been a whirlwind love affair! This polish was the main reason I decided to get my June Julep box (to see my unboxing post head over to The Daily Varnish Extra!)

Nan is described as a “nantucket red creme.” Get it? Nan…tucket! But in more familiar terms, it’s a warm faded/dusty red with yellow undertones. Alli says it’s falls in the salmon range. It’s insanely work appropriate and elegant. My camera decided that Nan is more coral than I think it is…so I have pictures from both my camera and my iPhone for comparison!  Guest starring my super cool K paperweight. Get excited!

Application was dreamy. I’d read some reviews before I tried it and people had said it was runny and thin and prone to pooling in the cuticles – I am so happy to say I haven’t had any of these problems!

So what do you think? Happy Monday!


PS: If you’re interested in signing up for a Julep Box, I included lots of promo codes on my unboxing post for June’s box!

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Layla Gel Effect 11 – Tropical Island

Press Sample

Layla - Tropical IslandIt’s no secret that my nails are less than perfect. I’ve tried several ridge fillers and tricks to attempt to hide the split down my middle nail over the last few months. So, when Layla sent Alli a polish from their new Gel Effects line I was really chomping at the bit to try it! I was even more excited to see it was Tropical Island, a bold and bright turquoise. Perfect for summer!

According to Layla, The Layla Gel Effect Nail Polish has the performance of a semi-permanent gel polish in terms of brilliance, scratchless, and is a ridge filler!

You can guess that the ridge filling potential is what had me most excited! Even though the instructions say not to use a base coat – I did anyway since teal polishes are so unforgiving when it comes to staining nails.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this polish! It dries very quickly to beautiful smooth glossy. As far as it’s ridge filling capabilities, I’m very pleased and the finished effect is slightly above a ridge filler + polish manicure. I’m judging based on my middle finger grand canyon. I think someone who has imperfect nails or difficulty with ridges would absolutely be over the moon for this polish!

I really love that Layla keeps trying new things with their effects lines and can’t wait to see what they come up with next! I hope this display will appear at my local ULTA because I’d like to purchase a few different colors – the collection has 12 different shades.

For more information on how to Use Layla Gel Effect polish as well as more pictures, click below to read more!


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Cult Nails – Cruisin’ Nude

Cult - Cruisin NudeEver since I included Cult’s Toxic Seaweed in my Top 10 of 2012 post, I’ve been itching to break out a few of my Cult Nails polishes and show them off! I have 3 in the holding tank and first up is Cruisin’ Nude.

It seems a lot of people have been posting their “palette cleansing polishes” lately and this is mine! Crusin’ Nude was originally part of the A Day at the Races Collection from 2011.

Cruisin’ Nude is a lovely taupe nude creme with a very delicate pink shimmer. The pink shimmer is what makes this shade a winner in my book! Application was fantastic – unlike so many nude/light polishes this one is a one coater! I did, however, use two coats in my swatches. It’s a great polish if you’re in a rush!

You can purchase Cruisin’ Nude here on the Cult Nails website! It retails for $12.00.

Happy Saturday, lovelies!


Lex Cosmetics – Seattle Sunshine

In case you missed Alli’s Must Have Polishes for Fall 2012 – it’s a must read and helped me choose to put on Seattle Sunshine on this gorgeous Fall day!

My next several posts will include either polishes from Fall collections or on trend colors! Pantone’s name for this season’s fall is titanium, and Seattle Sunshine is right on target for Fall 2012.

We’re huge Lex Cosmetics fans around here and I bought this last spring using the Groupon ($15 for $30) that was offered last year. Seattle Sunshine is a true light grey creme and it applied like a dream so smooth and perfect! I started off with OPI’s Ridge Filler on my middle finger and OPI’s Natural Nail Base Coat on my other four fingers. I used two coats of Seattle Sunshine and topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.

Seattle Sunshine was created by Jamila in honor of Seattle’s notorious overcast skies. $1 from the sale of each bottle goes to TreeSwing. You can purchase Seattle Sunshine on the Lex Cosmetics website for $10. If you’d like to learn more about Lex Cosmetics and founder Alexa click here.

Since Fall is officially here, what colors are you most excited to wear?

OPI – Tickle My France-y

With all the standouts in OPI’s 2008 French Collection, I never gave Tickle My France-y a second glance, and hadn’t until Alli tweeted that it was OPI’s most popular polish in the US. At that moment, I decided it must be mine. That was late July, and I’d actually long forgotten my spur of the moment lemming until it arrived in a package from The Scholarly Nail! She sent it to me as a part of a secret polish blogger elf exchange some of us did – I’ll post about it in the near future, but I was SO excited for all of my goodies!

The formula is the slightest bit runny, but it didn’t interfere with application. It’s actually very pretty after one coat – if you like streak free sheers. I built it up to a nice opaque beautiful color in 3 coats.

I am so glad to have this as part of my collection, and even though I have lots of new fall polishes to show you in the coming weeks, I was really craving a simple elegant look today, and Tickle My France-y fits the bill perfectly. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The color changes a bit depending on the light, from a dusty light pink neutral to slightly lavender neutral. Very pretty.

So tell me, do you still have a thing for neutrals or are you sporting summer neons or bold fall shades?

Hope your weekend ends on a great note! A few more pictures await under the jump!



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OPI – Pros & Bronze

OPI’s Pros & Bronze was originally released as part of one of Serena William’s Grand Slam packs (US Open) along with Love is a Racket. I happened to find it at my local CVS that once in a while carries the most random OPIs. I don’t recall why I didn’t buy the duo when it was released in the Fall of 2011, but I’m definitely glad I have Pros & Bronze now!

P&B is both beautiful and difficult to describe. It’s packed with microglitter: pink, gold, copper that gives off a multichrome/foil effect. It’s pretty much awesome in a bottle. It looks lovely indoors, but even better in the sunlight – check below the jump for more pictures!

What do you think? I’m obsessed!

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SinfulColors Citrine

Another orange. I know you are all completely shocked! This will be some what repetitive but…. tangerine has been declared the color of the year. In fashion, in beauty…in life! Sephora (+ Pantone Universe) released a nail polish called Tangerine Tango to celebrate the color of the year. This is supposed to be a dupe of that polish.

Citrine is a red based orange creme. The color is just lovely and super saturated. The formula and application were perfection. I used just two coats in my swatches.

This polish has been seen on two different Sinful Colors displays; the Wow Pop display and the Color That Pops! display.

So what do you think about this polish? Are you over the orange/tangerine trend yet? I know I’m not!

There are many more swatches below the jump.

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Nailspiration: Duccio Venturi Neon Heels

If you saw my tweet yesterday surely you realized something must be amiss. Me? Playing around with neons? Well, a few days ago Alli sent me this picture of Duccio Venturi’s Neon Pumps. I decided to use it as some nailspiration and break out my Electrocandy and Poptastic Color Club collections that I purchased from Ross over two years ago.

I reviewed the entire Poptastic set, but never got around to Electrocandy – I’m just not that into neons. I will say that the Electrocandy polishes are fun and interesting because of their subtle shimmers and flashes.

For my neon skittles I used Tangerine Scream, Electrocandy, What a Shock, and Volt of Light from Electrocandy and my favorite from the Poptastic collection: Warhol.

Each polish did take 3-4 coats, though that’s not uncommon and of course they are much brighter in person – the pictures are color accurate. I topped them off with a coat of Essie’s Good to Go.

All in all, I have to admit…even though I’m not generally a neon fan – this mani was a lot of fun to look at and it fits right in with this summer’s neon trend. I had fun with it, so there are a few more pictures under the jump.

So… what do you think about neons and neon skittles? Is it something you’d try?

Happy Saturday!



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