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L’Oreal Jet Set To Paris

I did a bad thing. I bought (another) polish based solely on the name! Granted I had really been wanting to try L’Oreal’s new line of Colour Riche nail polishes so it’s ok, right?

Jet Set To Paris is a true blue creme. The color is very standard and is almost a dead on dupe of Essie Mesmerize. Application wasn’t bad…but I did need three coats to even out the color.

My one complaint about this polish is the wear. I didn’t even make it 24 hours before I had a significant chip. Although, chip isn’t really the right word…the nail polish kind of peeled off my nails. It was very odd. Hopefully it was just a one time thing, though I haven’t had a chance to wear this polish again and test it out.

This line of polish is priced about average for drugstore nail polish at $5.99 a bottle.

I’m  not totally in love with this polish, but I am glad to have it because of the name. Who doesn’t want to jet set to Paris….often? And this blue is the perfect French flag blue….


Katie’s Top 10 of 2011

It feels like I just posted my Top 10 of 2010. Top 10 of 2011, just isn’t as catchy, should I have done my top 11?  I felt like every time a new collection came out this year – it didn’t wow me – but going over the last year of posts there are plenty of stand out polishes and it’s been difficult narrowing it down to just 10…

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L’Oreal – Owl’s Night

Owl’s Night is a part of  L’Oreal’s Project Runway Fall collection: Color’s Take Flight and is a clear standout amongst the nail polishes in the line. Walgreen’s had BOGO 1/2 off for the collection so I picked it up along with another eyeshadow quad (I have Charming Cockatoo’s Gaze and Watchful Owl’s Gaze).

It’s insanely gorgeous. It’s a blackened brown/olive green base absolutely packed with gold glitter. I don’t have anything like it. Absolutely stunning.

The interesting thing is, I almost always pass on L’Oreal’s nail polish – but I’m never disappointed (see: High Tide) – maybe it’s time I started paying more attention to L’Oreal!

Have you tried any of the other polishes from Colors Take Flight? I’d love to hear what you think!

Happy Monday!

L’Oreal – High Tide with Hidden Treasure

L'oreal- High Tide & HT Of the three new L’oreal’s I knew I had to have High Tide. It’s a greyed out light blue with just the subtlest of shimmer in it. It’s gorgeous. To make it even better I added 1 coat of Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure. The picture isn’t all that great because I took it 1. in my car and 2. without sunlight but I think you get the idea – it’s really pretty and elegant. I dig it.

Both of these polishes are what I would consider must haves. A little nail polish confession…. When I went to Walgreens a few weeks ago my favorite cosmetics lady had the new SH display but nothing in it, so we went through all the boxes so I could find Hidden Treasure. Totally worth it and at the time they were buy one get one half off – I also picked up Ring my Shell.

I apologise for the hiatus in posting, it’s been dreary here for days and days –  had to give in and show you this though.

Happy polishing!


L’Oreal Waters Edge

L'Oreal Waters EdgeI finally found L’Oreal’s summer 2010 Passport to Paradise collection at one (but not both!) of my local Ultas. This polish retails for $4.49.

Waters Edge is a green leaning teal creme. It’s the bluer cousin of Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I didn’t really have any application issues. I saw alot of complaining about this collection so I was prepared for the worst. But this applied easily in three coats.

This is my first L’Oreal nail polish, believe it or not. And I’m obviously impressed. I love the square bottle shape and the flat brush.

I must say, I received a TON of compliments when I wore this polish. Especially from men (so random). It’s a great color from Spring/Summer.