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Julep – Kennedy

Julep - KennedyWelcome to another Monday Funday with Katie! I’m in full on vacation mode and I’m loving all of the polishes I chose from Julep’s Sail Into Summer collection!

I loved Nan, and I’m loving Kennedy too! In addition to the It Girl box I chose Kennedy and Bunny as add-ons – SO worth it.

Kennedy is described as a khaki creme. When I first opened the box, I was a little disappointed in Kennedy. It’s a bit more yellow than I was expecting. I’d envisioned something closer to Essie’s Sand Tropez, but since then it’s really grown on me and I love the color. It looks great with a tan and makes me feel very classy – as I usually feel when I wear more neutral shades.

The application was really awesome – I used two coats and they were smooth and easy – great formula on this one. Two thumbs up.

What do you think? Check below for another picture or two and to see what book I’ll be reading next!


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Julep – Nan

Julep - NanI have been raving about this polish ever since it arrived! Nan was the first polish I used from my June Julep Maven box and it’s been a whirlwind love affair! This polish was the main reason I decided to get my June Julep box (to see my unboxing post head over to The Daily Varnish Extra!)

Nan is described as a “nantucket red creme.” Get it? Nan…tucket! But in more familiar terms, it’s a warm faded/dusty red with yellow undertones. Alli says it’s falls in the salmon range. It’s insanely work appropriate and elegant. My camera decided that Nan is more coral than I think it is…so I have pictures from both my camera and my iPhone for comparison!  Guest starring my super cool K paperweight. Get excited!

Application was dreamy. I’d read some reviews before I tried it and people had said it was runny and thin and prone to pooling in the cuticles – I am so happy to say I haven’t had any of these problems!

So what do you think? Happy Monday!


PS: If you’re interested in signing up for a Julep Box, I included lots of promo codes on my unboxing post for June’s box!

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Katie’s Top 10 of 2012!

katietopten2Happy New Years Eve!!!

I can’t believe it’s time for a top 10 already! I really feel like I just pressed “publish” on my Top 10 from 2011! Personally, 2012 has absolutely flown by and it’s been an up and down crazy ride but all in all I’d give it a thumbs up.  Anyways, I’m really excited to share my favorites of the year with you!

Though I didn’t realize it when I was whittling down my list from 15 to 10, it seems my favorites for 2012 are for the most part filled with sparkle, shimmer, and shine – which matches my feelings on 2012, and represents my hope for a beautiful 2013. I hope you enjoy!

I’d absolutely love it if you left your Top 10 in a comment below!

Have a safe and happy New Years!


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Countdown to 2013 Giveaway #1 – Julep’s Glitter & Glow

CountdownTDVTwo of my favorite things: Christmas & Giveaways. Why not put them together? We’ll be doing several “Countdown to 2013” Giveaways over the next few weeks, and I’m kicking it off with Julep‘s Glitter & Glow Winter Collection gift set!

The set includes 5 polishes:

  • Colbie – a full coverage citrine green multi-dimensional glitter
  • Lucy – Modern, dark burgundy crème.
  • Sharon – Dark, bold red shimmer
  • Kathleen – Honey gold flecked champagne shimmer
  • Carly – Full-coverage Malibu-blue multi-dimensional glitter


Now… onto the important question: How do I enter!? Click below for contest details!

Good Luck & Happy Polishing!




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Julep Suede – Brit

Julep - BritAs I said in my unboxing post for Julep’s November Maven Box, I was thrilled to see that Julep was going to try their hand at Suede finish polishes. I love my OPI Suedes – they’re perfect in a pinch since they dry so quickly! I was so excited that I even ordered an add-on (Hailee) to my American Beauty box.

Julep describes this polish as a Graphite Silver Suede – works for me! It’s very much the same idea as OPI’s Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees SUEDE.

I’ve now used all three: Amber, Hailee, and Brit and I am happy to report that this was very much on par with the OPI Suedes! I only used two coats for a fun matte look and the formula was perfect: flowed nicely onto my nails – not hard to work with at all!

The biggest draw back to Suede polishes is the wear time – and this is universal, a day or two is the most you’ll get out of them, but since the application is so quick and easy, that doesn’t really bother me.

If you’re feeling the need to add this to your collection, you can grab it on Julep’s website for $14 or $11.20 if you’re a current Julep Maven.

Interested in trying out the Maven program? Go ahead and click here, take the style quiz, and sign up for your introbox! Use the code JULEPVIP to get your box for a penny!


Julep – Lisa

As I mentioned in my post over on The Daily Varnish Extra about Julep‘s October box, I was thrilled when they offered a Maven’s Choice box as an alternative to the boxes with crackles. Truthfully, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose a box with crackle in it, but to each her own (with a friendly reminder that it is not 2010).

The polish I was most excited to try was Lisa from the Boho Glam box. It’s described as a warm pebble grey cream. Spot on, Julep. This light grey creme has subtle yellow undertones – finally a flattering light grey (for me!) I went out to dinner with friends on Sunday evening and got several compliments!

The formula is great – which is a huge strength for Julep. The polish applied smoothly and evenly to an opaque finish after two coats.  After such a good experience with Lisa, I’m excited to try out the other two polishes: Keira and Eloise.

If you’d like to see a fun extra picture or learn more about joining the Julep Maven program – click below to see more!

Happy Wednesday!

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Like to Win? July Julep Maven Giveaway!

Want to try out Julep Maven courtesy of The Daily Varnish? Already get a box but want an extra for the month? You’re in luck! I sent my June box to Alli and I’m sending my July box to you!

I’ve been getting Julep Maven Boxes since January and I’ve gotten 2 mystery boxes as well. Since I wanted to keep track of what I got in each box, I made a handy little document – so feel free to check it out here!

For contest rules & details click under the jump. Happy Sunday!

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Julep – Jessica

While Penelope may have been my perfect pale pink, Jessica may be my new favorite baby blue! I received Jessica in my April Julep Maven: It Girl box.

This is a super pigmented baby blue creme that is a potential one coater if you’re careful (yes, really!)The best part is that unlike many light blues – it doesn’t appear chalky at all.

It took some careful application as the formula is a bit thick – but it’s nothing a few drops of thinner won’t solve.

While I usually stick to pinks and reds on my toes, I really want to try this out for my next pedicure – I think it’ll be so cute and springy!

Another thumbs up for Julep on this one, I love it.

Julep – Penelope

  Have I found my perfect pale pink? Yes! Penelope is the type of color I’ve tried to find or buy, only to be disappointed by the sheer-ness of it. I’m seriously in love.

Penelope came in my April Julep Maven Box along with Jessica and Niecy. Julep describes it as “Opaque, almost white with a hint of blush. Elegant on manicures and pedicures.” – I’d agree completely. It’s perfect for spring – very work appropriate and makes me feel like a princess. I don’t quite have anything to compare it to, the first polish that comes to mind is Tickled Pink -but Penelope is definitely significantly lighter.

While it may be my perfect pale pink – it’s not a perfect polish. While application was easy – it did take 3-4 coats to get a nice streak-free opaque look. For me – it’s worth it. This is a great year round pink, but it will look outstanding with a tan – I can’t wait to put it on my toes!

So, what do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? I think if I get bored I might top it off with some glitter or Essie’s Pure Pearlfection.

ALLI UPDATE: I hinted at this on twitter the other night so I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on with Alli. She had a little cooking accident Saturday night and chopped off the tip of her ring finger (on her swatch hand), and while they they weren’t able to reattach it right away, she’s exploring options with her doctor. Hopefully she’ll be back in the game soon…I’m planning a trip to visit next weekend.

Have a lovely evening,

Oh.. Just kidding about Alli. Happy April Fools.

Julep – Helena (+ February and March Maven Boxes)

I am absolutely swimming in Julep nail polish – don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but I’ve had such a hard time trying to pick one out to show you all! They’re all so lovely!

I finally decided on Helena because the first comment on my last post was by… Helena! So Helena, thank you for reading and making me finally make a decision about which Julep polish to post first!

Helena came in my Valentine’s Mystery Box (#7) – along with 6 other polishes, a top coat (that I sent to Alli to review), and lots of other goodies (including the Julep Top Coat for Hair – which I am absolutely loving).

Julep describes this as an ultra saturated fuchsia – works for me! I really like this color – I see myself wearing it a lot in the warmer months – but it makes for a good choice year round. It reminds me a lot of Sinful Colors – Dream On (yes, I’m shuddering at that swatch too – moving on!) but better. Like Dream On, Helena is a neon so it does dry matte – but it applies very smoothly and I only used two coats. Since Dream On was a bit more difficult, that makes Helena the clear winner.

Overall, I do like the Julep polishes quite a lot – but I think the price is worth noting here. Helena retails for $14 for .27 oz of product -which makes it a mini – most standard nail polishes come in .5 oz. I’ll let you do the math on that. Is it worth it? I can’t say yet, I have so many more to review.

I also just realized I haven’t posted my February or March boxes, so if you’d like details on those you can check them out below. If not – have a lovely day – do something fabulous for yourself (or someone else!) Also – if you haven’t tried out Julep and you’d like to, you can use my referral link here – they have promos frequently – I’ll post any promo codes I come across.



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