PISTOL polish July 2013: Going for Gold & Determined Dreamer

PISTOL polish July 2013 duoWith the exception of my 4th of July manicures, the PISTOL polish July duo has been a constant on my nails since it arrived on my doorstep. It was basically love at first sight. My love of light blue polishes is very well documented on this blog and more recently I’ve really been getting into metallics, particularly silver and rose gold.

The two polishes this month are Going for Gold, a metallic rose gold, and Determined Dreamer, a sky blue creme. Honestly, I was so excited about this duo I couldn’t decide which one to wear first. So I wore them together. The two look amazing as a pair!

Below the jump are in depth reviews and swatches of both polishes!


PISTOL polish Determined DreamerDetermined Dreamer: This might be the perfect light blue polish. Determined Dreamer is a gorgeous sky blue creme that applies beautifully in just two coats. I have many, many light blue polishes in my collection and none have a formula that is as good as Determined Dreamer. Most are thin and/or streaky. So despite the fact that this may not be the most unique polish color in the world (it’s very similar to OPI What’s With the Cattitude), it’s worth it for the amazing formula. (By the way….I’m still wearing this polish. I just added some polka dots!)

PISTOL polish Determined Dreamer 2 PISTOL polish Determined Dreamer MACRO PISTOL polish Determined Dreamer MACRO 3 PISTOL polish Determined Dreamer MACRO 2

PISTOL polish Going for GoldGoing for Gold: Rose gold is having a moment. Well, perhaps several moments. It’s everywhere! I have a few rose gold polishes in my collection but none are quite like Going for Gold. It’s a lovely super shimmery metallic rose gold that walks the line of being frosty but never crosses it. Alot of metallic colors feel heavy and more appropriate for cooler weather, but this one is light and perfect for this time of year. As with all PISTOL polish polishes this has a wonderful formula. Because it has a metallic finish I did use three coats to avoid any bald spots.

PISTOL polish Going for Gold 2 PISTOL polish Going for Gold 3 PISTOL polish Going for Gold MACRO PISTOL polish Going for Gold MACRO 2

I really do love both of these polishes on their own but they look wonderful together!

PISTOL polish July 2013 mani PISTOL polish July 2013 duo description

For more info on PISTOL polish check out The Daily Varnish Extra or PISTOL polish’s website or Facebook page.


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