OPI Polka.com

OPI Polka com bottleStory time!

On Friday, June 14th, also known as my 30th birthday, I woke up and per usual started going through email on my phone in an effort to delay getting out of bed. Every Friday my local grocery store, Harris Teeter, sends out an email with some specials. My options at that point were to look at the specials or get out of bed so I picked read the email. To my shock OPI was a special…at the grocery store! I chalked it up to some kind of crazy birthday miracle and decided I was definitely going to Harris Teeter as soon as I could.

Nail polish isn’t something I generally look at while grocery shopping so I wasn’t sure what kind of selection Harris Teeter might have. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had the recently released OPI Euro Centrale collection. Polka.com is a polish I’ve been lemming since I saw the promo photo but just couldn’t justify purchasing it at the regular price. When I saw Polka.com in the display I knew I’d found my seriously discounted birthday present to myself.

Admittedly, I love the way OPI describes this polish; “blue and violet are dancing partners in this glittery combo.” That being said, there is alot more going on in this polish than just blue and violet!

Polka.com contains large teal, salmon and lilac glitter along with smaller salmon and purple glitter in a clear base. Mixed all together, particularly in the bottle, the polish does appear to be blue. This particular polish even works as accidental home decor.

The formula and application of this polish is lovely when you accept this is a glitter top coat. This is not a glitter polish that can be worn on its own. I used two coats in all my swatches and had no problems with getting the glitter even on the nail.

Below the jump there are swatches of Polka.com over Essie Splash of Grenadine along with swatches of a manicure I did with OPI OPI…Eurso Euro and Polka.com as a glitter accent. This glitter can be surprisingly subtle when paired with the right color!


Essie Spash of Grenadine and OPI Polka com OPI Polka com 3 OPI Polka com OPI Polka com 2 OPI Polka com MACRO OPI Polka com MACRO 2 OPI Eurso Euro and OPI Polka com OPI Polka com and OPI Eurso Euro OPI Eurso Euro and OPI Polka 1 OPI Eurso Euro and OPI Polka MACRO


7 responses to “OPI Polka.com

  1. I would have bought quite a few at that price, even if it meant several trips! Wow, that was a bargain.

  2. Hrafnhildur Haldorsen

    I love this glitter! And what a great b-day gift to get it at such a good price 😉 I really like it over your pink Essie mani, great combo. I’m actually wearing it right now, on an accent nail, over Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs. For the record….totally gorgeous! 🙂

  3. If you want to know how really cheap your Polka Dot Com was, know that where I live each bottle of OPI will leave you thirteen Euro ninety poorer. That’s what I call a “birthday present”… 😦

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