Essie Sunday Funday

Essie Sunday Funday bottleIt seems like nail polish companies have finally caught on to Sunday Funday! China Glaze released a polish also called Sunday Funday with their spring collection though it is quite different from Essie’s version.

Essie describes Sunday Funday as a tangerine coral crush shimmer. That is fairly accurate. It’s a coral polish with orange undertones with the most lovely shimmer. It reminds me quite a bit of Rimmel Pop Apricot just a bit brighter.

Sunday Funday is a borderline jelly so I needed three coats to get an opaque color. The formula is lovely.

I love wearing this polish on Sundays just because of the name. But as Essie so eloquently put it, this polish can turn any day into a ridiculously good time.

Below the jump you will find many swatches including a swatch in the sun.

Happy Sunday Funday!



Essie Sunday Funday Essie Sunday Funday 2 Essie Sunday Funday 3 Essie Sunday Funday MACRO Essie Sunday Funday MACRO 2



6 responses to “Essie Sunday Funday

  1. I wish polishes wouldn’t use the same name as another company it gets confusing for me when I am buying as I will think I already have that polish (recognizing the name) and then get home and find out I don’t. That is a really nice coral for summer. Perfect for a pedicure! Or mani.

  2. Gorg color! I’m brand new to your site, and living the color reviews. I’m just getting more into doing my nails regularly, and was wondering if you have tips somewhere on how to get gorgeous results like yours?

    Thanks for all the pretty colors!


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