Nailspiration: James Bond 007 A View to a Kill

James Bond A View to a Kill NailsI love James Bond movies. I blame my mother. When I was a kid and would get bored of A Land Before Time and The Little Mermaid I’d start looking through my parents movies. There were some I knew I wasn’t allowed to watch but my parents were pretty lax when it came to James Bond.

My mom has always been a Roger Moore fan and I inherited that from her. Recently I realized I’d never seen A View to a Kill. This seemed silly on several levels; Roger Moore is my favorite James Bond and much of the movie is set in my beloved France.

The opening credits began to roll and all I could pay attention to was the fabulous nails! They were orange and so bright they almost glowed in the dark.

I immediately knew I had to recreate the look. The brightest orange polish is my collection is SpaRitual Flashback. On its own Flashback is bright. But, I wanted to make it REALLY bright. So I started with two coats of Ulta Snow White then topped that with two coats of Flashback. The result was James Bond worthy.

A View to a Kill was a great movie but I still think my all time favorite Bond movies is For Your Eyes Only. I’d love to know your favorite Bond flick! Make sure to leave it in a comment below 🙂

There are real swatches below the jump.


SpaRitual Flashback SpaRitual Flashback 2 SpaRitual Flashback MACRO SpaRitual Flashback MACRO 2


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