Nail Art: Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality NailsIt’s been a big day in the States. The Supreme Court released their decisions on both the Defense of Marriage Act as well as Prop 8. I wanted to do a manicure for today showing my support for the LGBT community and had no intention of posting it on here. But I posted a picture over on TDV Facebook page as well as Twitter and I’ve gotten some questions on what polishes I used so I figured I’d just do a quick post.

Like I mentioned, I didn’t intend on posting this manicure so I didn’t take proper pictures of it. But, this was really easy to do and similar to my last marriage equality manicure. The polishes I used are as follows: Layla Oh My Red, OPI Passport and a Smile (aka Sparrow Me the Drama), OPI Dating a Royal, Ulta Snow White and Julep Daisy.

There is an additional picture (I hesitate to call it a swatch….) below the jump!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day 🙂



Marriage Equality Nails 2 Marriage Equality Nails polishes


4 responses to “Nail Art: Marriage Equality

  1. very cool!

  2. Thanks for supporting marriage equality. My identical twin sister is a lesbian(I am straight for what it’s worth), and now I can dance at her wedding someday. I love the colors you picked, great mani.

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