Nail Art: Fourth of July Manicure Ideas!

Fourth of July Manicure IdeasIt doesn’t matter how old I get I still get excited about Independence Day. What’s not to love about fireworks, barbecues, pool parties and baseball!? Throw in a whole lot of red, white and blue and it sounds like the perfect day to me.

The Fourth of July is the only holiday that, in my opinion, it’s completely ok to go over the top crazy with the theme. This of course extends to nails.

So even if you’re not planning on rocking an outfit with red, white, blue, stars and stripes you can make a statement with your nails.

Below the jump there are a slew of manicure ideas. There are a few new manicures that I did along with thumbnails and links to the massive amount of patriotic nail art we’ve posted on this blog over the years.


Firecracker Popsicle accent nail Firecracker Popsicle accent nail 3 Firecracker Popsicle accent nail 2 Firecracker Popsicle accent nail wet n wild Firecracker Popsicle accent nail MACROFirecracker Popsicle accent nail: I did an entire manicure inspired by Firecracker Popsicles and while I really loved it there was alot going on. I prefer it as an accent nail. Polishes used: L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris, Ulta Snow White, wet n wild I Red a Good Book

Patrotic Polka Dot Tips wet n wild Patrotic Polka Dot Tips 3 Patrotic Polka Dot Tips 2 Patrotic Polka Dot Tips

Patriotic Polka Dot Tips: Everyone knows I love polka dots. A good while ago I did a polka dot tips manicure and it was adorable. So it only made sense to try it out with red, white and blue! I love how this turned out. It’s cute. It’s simple. It’s festive. Polishes used: Ulta Snow White, L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris, wet n wild Everybody Loves Redmond

Patriotic Scalloped Tips Sally Hansen Patriotic Scalloped Tips L'Oreal Patriotic Scalloped Tips Essie Patriotic Scalloped Tips 2 Patriotic Scalloped Tips

Red, White and Blue Scalloped tips: I love this idea because it involves absolutely no special nail art tools. For a complete tutorial on how to do a scalloped manicure check out this post. I used a metallic silver base then added the white, red, white then blue scallops. I think it looks a bit retro. Polishes used: Sally Hansen Diamond & Rubies, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Ulta Snow White, L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris

Fourth of July Manicure bottles Fourth of July Manicure OPI Fourth of July Manicure L'Oreal Fourth of July Manicure NCLA Fourth of July Manicure 2 Fourth of July Manicure Fourth of July Manicure MACRO Fourth of July Manicure MACRO 2

United States of Glitter: Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this nail art, but I think this is my favorite! I’ve become a bit obsessed with NCLA United States of Glitter. There’s nothing NOT to love about red, silver and blue glitter nail polish! So the idea behind this manicure was to just have the glitter accent nail and have the other nails match the red and blue glitter. I really loved the way this manicure turned out. It’s simple but still very holiday appropriate. Polishes used: NCLA United States of Glitter, OPI Perfectly Red, L’Oreal Jet Set to Paris, Ulta Sow White

Below are previous patriotic manicures. Click on the photo for more info on individual manicures.

Firecracker Popsicle Nails 2

Patriotic Acid Wash OPI

Baseball Nail Art 4

Election 2012 Manicure

Election Day Polka Dots2

Missy Franklin Nails

Allison Schmitt and Elizabeth Beisel Olympic Nails

Olympian Nails Coralie Balmy

Patriotic Caviar Manicure

Straw nail art

Red, Glitter and Blue manicure

Nail Art - 4th of July

Nail Art Patriotic Polka Dots

4th of July Nail Art

World Series Manicure


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