Tag! Colors of the Rainbow

Rainbow TagRecently I’ve noticed a ton of people on YouTube doing The Rainbow Tag. The idea is basically to pick your favorite products that fall into all the colors of the rainbow (plus a couple additional colors like multi-color).

While this started out as a beauty tag I couldn’t help but think that would be an AWESOME thing to do with nail polish. So that’s what I’m doing.

Plus it’s Sunday. And it was my birthday weekend. I’m feeling a bit lazy and like doing something different.

So below the jump you will find my favorite polishes in all the colors of  the rainbow.

Make sure to leave your favorite in a comment or if you blog and do a blog post link it in a comment so I can check it out!


OPI Perfectly RedRed: The one was easy. My favorite, go to red is OPI Perfectly Red. Unfortunately, it was a Beauty Brands exclusive several years ago and no where to be found currently. Due to this I’ve spent alot of time trying to find another perfect red polish. Essie Hip-Anema has recently turned into a favorite.

MAC MorangeOrange: It’s no secret I went a bit orange polish crazy last summer. My all time favorite orange lipstick is MAC Morange so when they came out with a corresponding nail polish I just had to have it. Morange has turned into my go to orange polish. Something about having (literally) matching lips and tips that feels so chic!

SinfulColors UnicornYellow: My hunt for the PERFECT yellow polish is seemingly never ending. Yellow is already tricky for my particular skintone. Add that to the constant formula issues with yellow polishes it’s a difficult one to crack. Color wise, SinfulColor Unicorn is my favorite yellow polish. But, if Amour Arnold Palmer looked better on me, it would be my favorite yellow polish because the formula is fantastic.

Essie Mojito Madness 2012Green: I actually thought picking out my favorite green polish was going to be a difficult task. Then I realized this might be the most obvious favorite. Essie Mojito Madness is a polish I can never get enough of. It’s easily my most used green and every time I wear it I fall a bit more in love with it.

Sally Hansen BarracudaBlue: This was by far the hardest favorite to pick. I love blue nail polish and have a blue polish to cover almost every shade of blue. But when it came down to it, Sally Hansen Barracuda was the winner. When Barracuda was released I went on a serious polish hunt to find it. All my effort was worth it!

Cheeky Monkey Raunchy BitchIndigo: I actually had a hard time with this one. Finding polishes that were what I consider to be indigo was harder than I thought. The name isn’t so nice but…Cheeky Monkey Raunchy Bitch is easily my favorite indigo polish. It’s shimmery and falls perfectly between purple and blue without looking black.

China Glaze Grape Pop 4Violet: I thought this was going to be the most difficult color to pick but as it turned out this was an easy color category! China Glaze Grape Pop has long been my favorite purple nail polish. It has the blue undertones making it not only violet but very flattering against my skintone. Plus, the formula is fantastic. What’s not to love?

PISTOL polish Run The World and Revlon RoyalMulti-Color: Clearly this isn’t a color in the rainbow but part of this tag was adding a couple of colors to put your spin on it. This was an easy choice. PISTOL polish Run The World is a new(ish) addition to my collection but has quickly become my go to holographic glitter. It was even part of my birthday manicure 🙂

Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple 2Neon: Since it’s summer I thought neon would be a nice category to add. Plus, I just really love neon polishes! Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple was the first neon polish I ever tried and it’s still my favorite. It’s bright and fun but it’s not CRAZY neon making it much more wearable for everyday life.

That was alot of fun! Make sure to leave your colors of the rainbow favorites in a comment! I’m always looking for new polishes to try 🙂


2 responses to “Tag! Colors of the Rainbow

  1. wow such gorgeous nails!
    such a fun tag as well 😀 xx

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