Ruby Wing Festival (aka my nail polish changes colors…what does yours do?)

Ruby Wing FestivalRuby Wing is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for ages but, despite being made by the same people that produce Color Club, there is no where to purchase this brand locally. Finally I ordered a bottle online. My curiosity got the best of me!

Picking out a polish to try was pretty easy. Festival is holographic glitter that indoors is a silvery purple but outdoors turns into a deep purple. Sounded like a polish made just for me (and it looked gorgeous in the bottle). But despite having this for several months I just never got around to giving it a try.

Then this past Saturday I was going to a cookout for a friend’s birthday and it was sunny. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to give this polish a try.

For a full blown glitter polish the formula is quite good. I used three coats and was happy with the result.

I wore it to the cookout and then to go out that night with some friends. We had alot of fun but I was quite confused when I woke up the next morning and the polish on my right pointer finger was missing entirely! I have no idea when the polish popped off but I imagine it’s floating around in a bar somewhere.

Below the jump there are swatches of this polish indoors as well as outdoors. The color change is quite impressive!

Ruby Wing polish can be ordered from the Ruby Wing website and are a bit on the expensive side ($10).  If you have a favorite Ruby Wing polish please let me know about it in a comment! Now I’m dying to try a few more…


Ruby Wing directions Ruby Wing Festival 3 Ruby Wing Festival 2 Ruby Wing Festival MACRO Ruby Wing Festival MACRO 2 Ruby Wing Festival sun 2 Ruby Wing Festival 4 Ruby Wing Festival sun


5 responses to “Ruby Wing Festival (aka my nail polish changes colors…what does yours do?)

  1. Thank heavens the nail didn’t go missing…! 😉
    Three coats of glitter? I shudder to think how (hard?) it was to remove the polish…!

  2. I think I’ve seen this at Meijer, maybe I will pick one up!

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