PISTOL polish Guns Blazing

PISTOL polish Guns BlazingLast summer I went through a serious orange nail polish addiction. It was bad. I accepted that I had a problem and I moved on. And then the June 2013 PISTOL polish duo arrived in my mailbox. My feelings for orange nail polish came rushing back to me.

Guns Blazing is a warm orange packed with gold shimmer. That’s not as fun as PISTOL polish’s description of Guns Blazing but it’ll do. This color is lovely, wonderful for summer and will look fantastic poolside with a tan. It’s not the best color for my particular skintone but it’s not terrible, either.

As to be expected from PISTOL polish the formula is wonderful. This applied easily in just two coats.

Instead of wearing Guns Blazing I used the other polish from the June 2013 duo, Tough As Nails, to do a Beyonce inspired manicure. The colors looked surprisingly good together. There are additional swatches of Guns Blazing as well as swatches of my Beyonce-esque manicure below the jump!


PISTOL polish Guns Blazing 2 PISTOL polish Guns Blazing MACRO PISTOL polish Guns Blazing MACRO 2 PISTOL polish Guns Blazing 3 PISTOL polish June 2013 2 PISTOL polish June 2013


6 responses to “PISTOL polish Guns Blazing

  1. wow, these are stunning! I’m loving these polishes.

  2. (Ummm…)
    Verdant- Adjective
    1.(of countryside) Green with grass or other rich vegetation.
    2.Of the bright green color of lush grass.

    The description is certainly cute, but this is way not a green polish…is this polish from a not-english speaking country maybe?

    Anyway, it is cute. 🙂

    • Verdant can also mean fresh or new (a nicer way of saying green as in naive). At least that’s the way I took the description. But I have no real explanation! Kind of a strange adjective to use.

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