Nail Art: Memorial Day Acid Wash Manicure!

Patriotic Acid WashHappy Memorial Day weekend!!

It’s the unofficial official start of summer and I am thrilled. I’m in Alabama this weekend splitting my time between Auburn, where I went to college, and Birmingham. Nothing says Memorial Day quite like a road trip, right?

I, of course, needed an appropriate manicure for this weekend. I wanted to do a patriotic acid wash manicure. The way I normally do an acid wash manicure I use a Q-Tip (you can see an entire tutorial here).  But recently I got a new set of nail art brushes so I wanted to try removing the top layer of color with a brush. Otherwise I did everything the same. I was surprised that it gave an entirely different look!

If this manicure isn’t quite your cup of tea and you are looking for some other patriotic nail ideas you can find a whole slew of ideas in this post.

Otherwise, there are additional swatches below the jump (including a list of polishes I used as well as the brush I used).

Have a fabulous weekend!



Patriotic Acid Wash L'Oreal Patriotic Acid Wash OPI Patriotic Acid Wash 2 Patriotic Acid Wash 3 Patriotic Acid Wash MACRO

Patriotic Acid Wash brush Patriotic Acid Wash 4


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