DIY Studded Manicure

Studded Manicure 3mmIf you follow TDV on Facebook or Twitter then you are well aware that over the past couple of weeks I have become completely obsessed with studded manicures. Ever since I saw Kate Spade use studded nails in their Fall 2013 runway show I’ve been dying to give it a try. Plus, I wear alot of very girly clothes so wearing a bit of an edgy manicure is a fun contrast.

I ordered nail studs from eBay for next to nothing. I’ve used 2 sizes in this post, 5mm studs (which I purchased from here) and 3mm studs (which I ordered from here). Otherwise all of the supplies needed are more than likely things you already have.

For a complete tutorial check below the jump! And make sure to leave a comment and let me know which of my studded manicures is your favorite!


DIY Studded Manicure supplies

What you need:

  1. Nail studs
  2. Tweezers (optional but I find they make this process much easier)
  3. A nail polish color of your choice. I used OPI Midnight in Moscow and Essie Midnight Cami.
  4. A top coat that is not fast drying. I used NYC Extra Shiny Top Coat

Studded Manicure 5mmHow to:

  1. Get out the studs that you are going to be using. You don’t want to have to try to get small studs out of packaging while doing your nails!
  2. Apply the base color to all nails. Let dry (doesn’t have to be completely dry…dry to the touch is fine.)
  3. Working one nail at a time, apply a thick coat of top coat. Immediately place the stud in the desired location using the tweezers to carefully place the stud on the nail. Turn the tweezers over and use the other end to push the stud into the wet polish.
  4. If you are applying more than one stud to the nail and the top coat begins to dry dab a little top coat on a piece of paper and dip the stud into the top coat before placing on the nail.
  5. Simply repeat that process on other nails were you want to place studs.
  6. Give your nails a good half hour to dry after this process.

Studded Manicure 3mm v2 2Something I found not to do: Don’t use nail glue. The studs popped off very easily when I used nail glue. Using a thick coat of top coat and really wedging the stud into the polish is the best way to get the studs to stay on.

Just like a caviar manicure, this is a short term manicure. The studs don’t do well through showers, cooking, hand washing, (or in my case trying on clothes at the mall…), etc. That being said I just love the way all my manicures turned out. I wore one of them with a lace dress and the contrast between the lace and studs was great.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on studded manicures and whether or not you’ll be giving this a try!

Nail Studs Nail Studs 2 Studded Manicure 3mm 2 Studded Manicure 3mm 3 Studded Manicure 3mm MACRO Studded Manicure 5mm 2 Studded Manicure 5mm MACRO Studded Manicure 3mm v2 Studded Manicure


10 responses to “DIY Studded Manicure

  1. Oooh I like these big studs- never seen them that size before!! Looks great!

  2. I have a huge box of studs from my jewelry making hobby. I think I will be trying this in the very near future!

  3. Interesting, i was just standing infront of these kind of studs yesterday in store (they are part of a limited edition of a german nail polish brand Misslyn) and was thinking about how cool it would look on dark purle or blue nails 😉

  4. I like the big studs too…kind of reminds me of a jacket my DH wore in the 90’s (and I have since appropriated). I don’t think I’d do more than one stud at once.

    For some reason, I keep wanting to see the studs nearer to the tips and not near the base…but I love the navy and gold, very elegant.

    Were the studs you bought convincing plastic, or real metal? They look like metal. Great look.

  5. super classy && edgy at the same time, awsome mani

  6. I love the smaller studs! I like both the looks you did with them. Thanks for the tips – I would have thought nail glue would work better.

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