Essie DJ Play That Song

Essie DJ Play That SongEssie gave me a scare. After trying Shake Your $$ Maker from their Summer 2013 DJ Play That Song neon collection I was worried the entire collection was going to be a bust. Luckily, DJ Play That Song has eased my worries.

DJ Play That Song is a bright plum creme (or, as Essie describes it, the jam-iest neon plum….seriously). I absolutely love the color. It reminds me alot of Nina Ultra Pro Punki Purple. While it’s bold it’s not super neon. It’s a great way to ease into neon polishes.

The formula, for a neon, is wonderful. It’s opaque and streak free in three coats. Essie recommends layering neons over a white polish. I did that using Ulta Snow White (there is a swatch below the jump) but it’s completely unnecessary with DJ Play That Song. The difference is minimal and I actually prefer it alone.

Neon polishes can be a bit difficult to photograph. My swatches of DJ Play That Song by itself are accurate but the one over white would not photograph correctly. The pictures I took with my phone and posted on twitter are very accurate. You can see those here and here (this one is over white).

This collection is currently popping up in stores. If you haven’t seen a display in your area yet you should be seeing one soon.

Make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump 🙂


Essie DJ Play That Song 3 Essie DJ Play That Song 2 Essie DJ Play That Song 4 Essie DJ Play That Song MACRO Essie DJ Play That Song MACRO 2

Over Ulta Snow Whtie

Over Ulta Snow Whtie



6 responses to “Essie DJ Play That Song

  1. I’m so glad this one is nice, I bought it to swatch this weekend 🙂

  2. paulinaspassions

    Wow! This is a really stunning color 🙂

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