Essie Midnight Cami (+ a dupe!)

Essie Midnight CamiOh Essie Midnight Cami. I’ve had such a long, turbulent love affair with you. Sometimes you are my favorite Essie polish of all time. Then other times you aren’t even my favorite polish from the Cuddle With Color collection, that goes to Angora Cardi. Sigh.

Originally from Essie’s Fall 2009 Cuddle With Color collection, Midnight Cami is a deep navy packed with shimmer. The color is gorgeous but very dark. Darker than it looks in the bottle. In most lights it’s going to look black, though I still content slightly less harsh than a straight black polish.

Application is good. I tend to have a bit of a drag issue with Midnight Cami so I have to use 3 coats to even that out despite the fact it’s opaque after 2 coats.

As with most polishes in the color range, Midnight Cami will stain! Make sure to use a base coat and avoid your cuticles when applying the polish.

This is one of those nail polishes I either wear constantly or it collects dust in one of my Melmers. Recently, I haven’t been able to stop wearing it! The main reason I tend to avoid this polish is the messy removal process. I do find using my nail polish removal method prevents this polish from staining my cuticles when removing it but no matter what base coat I use it does stain my nails. At least a little bit.

Rimmel Midnight Blue is a dead on dupe of this polish and I find it stains less.

Below the jump there are comparison photos of Rimmel Midnight Blue and Midnight Cami along with additional swatches of Midnight Cami (including a swatch in the sun!).


Essie Midnight Cami 3 Essie Midnight Cami 2 Essie Midnight Cami 4 Essie Midnight Cami MACRO Essie Midnight Cami Dupe Essie Midnight Cami Rimmel Midnight Blue




5 responses to “Essie Midnight Cami (+ a dupe!)

  1. thebubblybrunette

    Pretty color and great comparison! Would you mind if I add this to the dupe list I keep on my blog? I’ll credit you.

  2. I am always drawn to blues like this and then am sad when they look basically black in most light. Also, I have to say, your nail polish removal method post was so helpful – I use it every time now and am so happy I don’t have to cut up all those little foil squares every time I wear glitter! It takes a little longer but the glitter always comes off this way easily. So thanks for that!!

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