OPI Midnight in Moscow

OPI MIdnight in MoscowWhy hello, old friend!

Do any of you watch The Americans? I’ve been completely addicted to that show the last few months and it has had me thinking alot about OPI’s Fall 2007 Russian collection (I realize I sound crazy right now…). It was the first collection I really paid attention to and the one I blame for getting me completely addicted to nail polish!

Midnight in Moscow is deep, almost black base packed with red microglitter. The red microglitter gives the polish a bit of a brown look but in person it looks black. That being said the red microglitter also makes the black just a tad bit less harsh than your normal black creme.

Application is amazing. This could almost be a one coater but I used 2 coats in my swatches.

Sometimes I forget how much I love (almost) black manicures. I find them to be quite chic in a “I don’t really care” kind of way. If that makes any sense!

As always there are more swatches below the jump. The shimmer really comes out in the MACRO shots!



OPI Midnight in Moscow 3 OPI Midnight in Moscow 2 OPI Midnight in Moscow 4 OPI Midnight in Moscow MACRO 2 OPI Midnight in Moscow MACRO


5 responses to “OPI Midnight in Moscow

  1. YES! The Americans was a total surprise favorite for me this season. I wear Midnight in Moscow on my toes all the time during colder months (I know; you can’t really see the hidden shimmer when it’s as far away as your toes, but there’s something about it that’s very flattering). I can’t believe I never made the connection, even as I painted on Wednesday nights.

    • I’m glad someone else is addicted to The Americans! It’s such a great show!

      The red shimmer really does make it more flattering, I think. So much less harsh than just a plain, black creme.

  2. very nice! very flattering!

  3. Everything you describe that you love about Midnight in Moscow is exactly how I feel about Eiffel for this Colour….not black, just a hint of sumthin’ sumthin’ to give it flavour and so like ‘whatevs, just a dark colour’ in attitude!

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