Revlon Blue Lagoon (+ a matte blue gradient manicure)

Revlon Blue LagoonThis is an old favorite I ran across when I was going through one of my Melmers the other day. It was originally from Revlon’s Summer 2011 Summer Romantics collection though is now part of the permanent line. There was so much gorgeous is such a small bottle I just had to put it on!

Blue Lagoon is a light baby blue with iridescent shimmer. The color is gorgeous (and a very close dupe of Chanel Riva) but the formula isn’t the best. I had to use 4 coats in my swatches to even out the color and get a level of opacity I was happy with.

I ended up wearing the polish for a couple of days and my manicure began to show tip wear. Instead of doing an entirely new manicure I sponged OPI Just Groovy over Blue Lagoon and then topped it with a matte top coat to get a matte blue gradient manicure. It was fun and certainly different! There are additional swatches of Blue Lagoon as well as swatches of my matte blue gradient manicure below the jump!



Revlon Blue Lagoon 3 Revlon Blue Lagoon 2 Revlon Blue Lagoon MACRO Revlon Blue Lagoon MACRO 2 Matte Blue Gradient Manicure Matte Blue Gradient Manicure 2

5 responses to “Revlon Blue Lagoon (+ a matte blue gradient manicure)

  1. the gradient looks like clouds 🙂 I love it.

  2. Revlon blue lagoon is one of the best nail polish i have come across. I love the color and freshness. I would love to try this with some nail art designs and acrylic nails

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