Revlon Royal

Revlon RoyalWay back at the end of 2010 Revlon came out with their then new Top Speed line. It hasn’t turned out to be my favorite polish line from Revlon but I do have a few Top Speed polishes I quite like. Royal just happens to be one of them.

Royal is a deep royal blue jelly. It’s not quite navy and never looks black. Quite a perfect blue for this time of year!

The formula is on par for a jelly. I used three coats in my swatches. It’s worth noting that Revlon claims their Top Speed polishes set in 60 seconds and have a built in top coat. Neither of these claims I find to be true. Without a top coat this dries sort of dull and it takes FOREVER to dry. As a matter of fact, I didn’t use this polish for a long time because when I used it the first time I ended up with bed nails despite the fact I did my nails several hours before I went to bed (this was of course without a top coat). You can see that debacle by clicking here.

I found the wear time with this polish was great. I actually ended up topping it with PISTOL polish Run The World which turned out to be GORGEOUS! I’ll post those swatches when I do a full post on Run the World but you can get a little sneak peek of that over on TDV Twitter.

There are, of course, additional swatches of Royal below the jump!



Revlon Royal 2 Revlon Royal 3 Revlon Royal MACRO Revlon Royal MACRO 2


5 responses to “Revlon Royal

  1. I love this color. But I don’t get why every ‘quick dry’ polish I own (regardless of brand) never dries fast! What’s up with that? lol

  2. For one reason or another Revlon has never been on my list of favorite polishes. Their formulas always seem be lacking and the brush is very small. The don’t have the trendiest or prettiest colors either. But I do own Urban #490 which is a navy and it’s almost identical to this only not a jelly. I do like this blue jelly though.

    • I also have Urban (hi, I’m a nail polish hoarder!) and it is very similar to this polish.

      My favorite Revlon line is the ColorStay line. They have some fantastic colors and the formula is stellar.

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