Nail Art: Small Metallic Polka Dots

Small Metallic Polka Dots 3I found myself with an unusual nail dilemma last weekend. I had to attend a wedding and the Charlotte Symphony on the same day. This meant I needed a manicure that was both wedding and symphony appropriate.

The dress I finally found that was appropriate for both events was a magenta/fuchsia color so I wanted to go with a (mostly) neutral nail. Metallics are definitely my favorite way to rock a neutral manicure so I went with my most recent metallic discovery; JulieG Liquid Metal. I wanted to do an accent nail and thought a navy polish would compliment the rose gold. butter LONDON Royal Navy was the perfect choice! I added the tiny polka dots using a toothpick. It worked wonderfully.

Like the last metallic polka dot manicure I did, I fell in love with this manicure. It was perfect for both the wedding and the symphony. I even wore it through the weekend (including a marathon cooking session).

Make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump!


Small Metallic Polka Dots Small Metallic Polka Dots 2 Small Metallic Polka Dots MACRO Small Metallic Polka Dots 4


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