JulieG Sugar Rush

JulieG Sugar Rush 4Finally the textured polish trend has hit the drug stores!

Ever since I first heard about the JulieG Frosted Gum Drops collection I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival at Rite Aid. I finally spotted the display this past week and ended up with the entire collection. I sent a couple to Katie so she’ll be reviewing some as well.

Sugar Rush is a dark orange with significant red undertones packed with lighter orange glitter. In the bottle Sugar Rush was pretty but once you get it on the nail the contrast between the matte orange base color and the super sparkly glitter is gorgeous.

It’s worth noting that with the OPI Liquid Sand polishes I’ve had difficulty with the glitter changing from its original color to silver (you can see an example here). I did not have this problem with Sugar Rush.

The formula was lovely. I applied three coats in my swatches and was happy with the result.

If you’ve been resisting the textured polish trend this collection is a great way to give it a try. JulieG polishes are $3.99 a piece and sold at Rite Aid or on the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics website (which offers free US shipping on any order over $20). 

Instead of wearing Sugar Rush on all my nails I actually added an accent nail using Sally Hansen Barracuda. The color combination was kind of odd but I sort of liked it…in a weird way. There are additional swatches of Sugar Rush along with my strange color combination manicure below the jump!



JulieG Sugar Rush 3 JulieG Sugar Rush 2 JulieG Sugar Rush JulieG Sugar Rush MACRO JulieG Sugar Rush MACRO 2 JulieG Sugar Rush and Sally Hansen Barracuda JulieG Sugar Rush and Sally Hansen Barracuda 3 JulieG Sugar Rush and Sally Hansen Barracuda 2 JulieG Sugar Rush and Sally Hansen Barracuda MACRO

5 responses to “JulieG Sugar Rush

  1. Nope, sugar (and other textured) polishes are decidedly not my thing – but I love the “only child” in blue…

  2. The “sugary” textured ones are the only ones I like–I got this entire collection off Groupon when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago, and I’m actually wearing Sugar Rush right now! They just came in yesterday and it’s the first one I put on. It looks like more of a pinky-orangey-coral to me, though.

    • I really like this particular collection.

      My skintone tends to pull anything more red than on other people. The joys of being of German and Irish descent!

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