Icing 7th Inning Stretch (+ Baseball Nail Art)

Icing 7th Inning StretchToday I present you with the perfect polish for baseball season!

I’m kind of weird (I realize this will not come to a shock to any of you who read this blog regularly!). While I am definitely a girly girl with my nail polish, makeup and fashion obsession my other obsession in life is sports. I am an avid sports fan and baseball was the first sport I remember really loving. One of my grandfathers pitched for the Cardinals and the other is the biggest Yankees fan on the planet (seriously, there are seats from the original Yankee stadium in his Charlotte, NC living room…).

Anyway! I have been to an Icing store once in my life which is how I ended up with this nail polish. 7th Inning Stretch is a blackened deep blue packed with shimmer. The color is lovely unfortunately the formula isn’t the best. I used three coats in my swatches and there were still some bald spots. They aren’t that noticeable in person but they are there.

I wore this manicure for this past week’s Sunday Night Baseball game. I’m a big Braves fan and they were playing Detroit. Unfortunately, for me, one of my favorite players, Doug Fister, was pitching for the Tigers. Interleague play ruins lives! I added an accent baseball nail that turned out to be really cute. I used Ulta Snow White for a white base and then added the red yarn using a red striper (which, by the way, I pulled my red striper out and it looked like this. Time for a new one!).

Below the jump there are additional swatches of 7th Inning Stretch along with a little baseball nail art.



Icing 7th Inning Stretch 4 Icing 7th Inning Stretch 3 Icing 7th Inning Stretch 2 Icing 7th Inning Stretch MACRO Icing 7th Inning Stretch MACRO 2 Baseball Nail Art 4 Baseball Nail Art 2 Baseball Nail Art 3 Baseball Nail Art bottles Baseball Nail Art


7 responses to “Icing 7th Inning Stretch (+ Baseball Nail Art)

  1. Eek! I’ve had striper brushes do that too. Guess I don’t use them very often. I tried adding polish thinner to make them work too, but a bent up brush is still a bent up brush even if the polish does flow well and isn’t too thick. You’re right, it’s time for a new brush.Cute mani. I haven’t ever been to an Icing store but I have seen some beautiful polish swatches.

    • It’s so frustrating! I’m thinking perhaps the brushed got curled when I put it back in the bottle and then I didn’t use it for a good while. I think I might just get an actual striping brush as opposed to individual nail art polishes. We shall see!

  2. thebubblybrunette

    I hate when that happens! I’ve had to throw out two really nice stripers 😦

  3. Love this! I’m horrible with nail art but I need to give this a go anyway. My grandfather was a huge Cardinals fan and anything baseball reminds me of hanging out with him. 🙂

  4. That polish looks similar to OPI Into the Night / ChG Want My Bawdy / Color Club Personal Stylist… (not that I own 3 dupes of the same polish). 😉 I luuurve that color.

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