Essie First Timer

Essie First TimerLately I’ve been on a bit of a green nail polish kick. I blame PISTOL polish Dean’s List. So when I was looking for a polish to wear the other day I remembered I had this one from Essie’s Summer 2013 resort collection. I got First Timer awhile ago, along with In the Cab-ana from the same collection, but threw First Timer in what I call my Essie vase and sort of forgot about it.

First timer is a bright light green that falls slightly short of the pastel category. It’s significantly whiter than Mojito Madness, last year’s popular green polish from Essie, but still perfect for the spring and summer.

The formula was good. I used three coats in my swatches. It is worth  noting the color changes a bit as it dries and ends up a shade or two darker than the polish looks in the bottle.

Generally I love Essie’s resort collections and this year is no exception! 

Make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump 🙂



Essie First Timer 2 Essie First Timer 3 Essie First Timer MACRO Essie First Timer MACRO 2


13 responses to “Essie First Timer

  1. Guess I would not like this one if it’s a lot more white in it than Moj. Madness. I don’t like the Esssie shades when they have the appearance of a lot of white in them…I find most are very hard for me to wear. But i am so glad to get your really good review on this one. Like you, typically I find the Essie resort collections to be pretty good – not all always a hit with me as far as every color, every collection – but i can think back a lot of yrs to pa resort collections and remnd myself how much I love this one or that one.

    • This one is definitely inching towards chalky though doesn’t really look it on my skin tone.

      I love the essie resort collections! Always my favorite release from them 🙂

  2. I like it. It looks calm and cool. How delicate and feminine. Some black bar and hex glitter would make it look very asian, like the paper fans that the local Viet Namese boutique sells.

    P.S. I just love the Essie vase – I have to steal that idea…

  3. such a cool calm green. love it

  4. This color is stunning! I love it!

  5. Ooh I like that a lot! I was going to get Mojito Madness, but think I might for for this one, instead.

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