NYC Apple Fizz

NYC Apple FizzFor Spring NYC has released a new limited edition collection called Let’s Paint the Town. The display includes bronzer, eyeshadow, lipgloss and most importantly 4 limited edition polishes. Apple Fizz looked to be the most interesting of the 4, plus Rite Aid was having a 40% off NYC cosmetics sale, so clearly I had to pick it up!

Apple Fizz is a very yellow based green creme. There is alot of yellow going on in this polish which makes it unique and kind of hard to pull off. That being said, I ended up kind of loving it in a weird way. Basically it’s a less pretty version of PISTOL polish Dean’s List.

The formula is a tad on the thin side so I did need three coats but it was not difficult to work with.

Of course me being me I couldn’t just wear this polish as is. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Plum Power to add a little bit of a different color to my manicure. The result was a little crazy but I liked it.

Below the jump there are additional swatches of Apple Fizz along with a couple swatches of my manicure with Plum Power.



NYC Apple Fizz 3 NYC Apple Fizz 2 NYC Apple Fizz MACRO NYC Apple Fizz MACRO 2 NYC Apple Fizz and Sally Hansen Plum Power NYC Apple Fizz and Sally Hansen Plum Power 2


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